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ERC’s Focus POS is the ideal table service point of sale (POS) system designed to help your business thrive. With our feature-rich software, you can improve organization, equip your staff to work more efficiently, speed up service, and provide better customer experiences.

Our table service POS is hand-tailored to your industry and packed with the features you need to overcome your everyday challenges. Gain valuable insight into your operations with robust reporting and leverage data to make smarter business decisions that increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue. We give you the tools you need to manage and operate a more profitable table service restaurant.

Cutting-Edge Table Service Point of Sale

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Why Choose Focus POS for Your Table Service POS System?

Discover the Benefits of Powerful Restaurant Technology

Improved Customer Experience

Our software streamlines operations to help you provide better, faster service. Customers will enjoy perfectly-timed courses, shorter lines, and conveniences like online ordering, pay-at-the-table, and a variety of popular payment methods. We help you provide a well-rounded experience that boosts engagement and builds loyalty.

Optimized Operations

Increase efficiency and streamline processes with features designed to turn your table service restaurant into a well-oiled productivity machine. Automate your inventory processes, simplify reservation and table management, and leverage reusable scheduling templates for better labor management. We created our software to make business management easier so you can focus more on your customers.

Better Business Decisions

Focus POS unlocks robust reporting that gives you valuable insight into every area of your business. For example, our software allows you to monitor employee performance and gain deeper visibility into inventory so you can reduce loss and track costs. In addition, view and analyze sales and the effectiveness of different promotions so you can run more effective marketing campaigns and increase revenue. With Focus POS, knowledge is power.

Table Service POS Software Add-Ons

Complement Your Table Service Point of Sale

myFocus Office: Manage your operations on the go with our cloud-based POS. Access critical data, make changes on the fly, and monitor your restaurant from any internet-connected device. myFocus Office lets you stay in control wherever you are.

myFocus Mobile Management: This mobile management app alerts you when different business areas need attention. Create a unique risk profile for your restaurant and stay informed with automatic alerts when any suspicious activity occurs.

myFocus Central Cloud-Based Reporting: Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with central cloud-based reporting software. Stay up-to-date on all of your reporting, whether you operate one location or one hundred. Our innovative software helps you take control of your business.

myFocus Loyalty and Gift: Enhance your customer experience and turn first-time diners into regulars with a rewarding loyalty program. myFocus loyalty and gift make it easy to boost engagement, improve your marketing, and keep customers coming back.

Mobile POS: Add the benefit of mobility to your operations and allow your employees to work faster and more efficiently. Mobile POS makes it easy to take orders, shorten wait times, and improve accuracy for better customer satisfaction.

Online Ordering: Increase revenue, grow your customer base, and unlock another revenue stream by integrating online ordering into your table service POS. Online ordering helps you upsell to customers and puts your menu where guests can easily access it.

Technology is Shaping the Restaurant Industry

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Service and Support

Stay Up and Running with our Exceptional Support Service

Investing in a table service POS system is only the beginning. Our support team ensures you can keep operations running smoothly every day. We are here to take care of you and help you achieve business success. Our skilled and responsive technicians are always available to consult with you and help you get the most out of your solution.

We offer a variety of services to address your needs and protect your investment, including:

  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • On-site services
  • Repair and exchange
  • Off-site backup

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