Chuck Rollins | Kennesaw, GA Office

President & CEO

In 1979, after 10 years in the electronic cash register industry, Charles E. Rollins saw an opportunity to take the industry he loved and make it into something different, and ERC– “Electronic Register Components”– was born. Chuck’s personal and professional success stems from his strong moral values of respect, loyalty, and selflessness. Because of Chuck’s exceptional leadership, ERC has garnered a well-deserved reputation for offering the best products, retaining the finest employees, and providing first-class service around the clock. Chuck, a Naval Reserves and Marine Corps Veteran himself, has implemented a preferential hiring policy at ERC for disabled veterans that has inspired companies nationwide to administer similar programs. In the words of Chuck, “Good business practices make a company, but good people make that company great!

Chuck Barnes | Kennesaw, GA Office

General Manager & COO

With over two decades of experience at ERC, Chuck Barnes is a true guru of all things technology for the restaurant industry. His experience with point of sale systems didn’t begin at ERC though, Chuck has been around the cash register/POS industry for as long as he can remember. Chuck grew up helping his father install systems in supermarkets, beginning his industry knowledge and development at just six years old. At ERC, Chuck has served many roles, from National Account Representative and Division Manager to Focus POS Sales Engineer. His array of experience allows him to exceed his current role of General Manager, where he assumes responsibility for all departments at ERC– emphasizing their one core strategy: “Always take care of our customers!” No matter his position, Chuck stays current with the newest industry trends and changes to continue offering the best products, services, and knowledge possible.

Dan Cox | Louisville, KY Office

Executive Vice President of Sales

A 45+ year industry veteran, Dan Cox offers excellent experience combined with the highest of integrity and ethics to ERC. With over 22 years at ERC alone, he currently serves as the Executive Vice President of System Solutions. In his role, Dan is a real visionary development executive who excels in producing creative solutions for both franchise and corporate environments. Thanks to his value-driven approach and outstanding skills in designing concepts, strategies, and processes, Dan is able to achieve significant bottom-line growth for both his company and his clients.

Chad Fell | Kennesaw, GA Office

Regional Sales Manager

Chad Fell has been with ERC for over 25 years and currently works as the Regional Sales Manager at ERC’s Kennesaw, GA headquarters. Chad has experience working in nearly every aspect of the company, from shipping and installation to support and sales. His determination and commitment not only allowed him to grow with the company but to also obtain a degree in Business Management, thanks to the flexibility and support from ERC. Chad’s variety of experience and education has grown him into the outstanding salesman he is today, forming and maintaining lifelong relationships with all of his customers. Chad still works with the first point of sale customer that he ever had, who has now grown into a 60+ unit operator. “My goal is to be the best consultant I can be, helping my customers make the best decision for their operation.

Linda Cipriani | Cleveland, OH Office

Kahala Account Manager

Linda Cipriani has been a valued employee of ERC for almost 20 years now, beginning back in 2000. Linda started off as an office administrator at the Cleveland, OH branch, and soon got promoted to Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of ERC. Because of Linda’s passion and dedication, she was again promoted to her current position, POS Administrator for Kahala Brands, where she has successfully sold over 800 locations since 2012.

Valerie Spencer | Kennesaw, GA Office

Accounting Manager

Valerie has been with ERC for 20 years, since 2001. She started as a part-time employee while in college while working on her Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. Her hard work and determination shined through, gaining her several promotions. Valerie climbed the ERC accounting department’s ladder holding every position until earning her current job title as Controller for ERC in 2015. As Controller, she works with the accounting department to oversee internal controls, monitor financial conditions, report sales tax, and support many other aspects of the Accounting department.

Authon West | Kennesaw, GA Office

Support Desk Manager

Authon West has been a part of the ERC team for over 17 years. He began working with the company as a helpdesk technician. Authon’s mantra is “Get after it.” With his mantra in hand, commitment, and diligence, Authon was promoted to Support Desk Manager. Authon collaborates with his team to share his perspective of systems, diagnostics, and networking. His team’s work focuses on helping clients gain increased service, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

John Cosentino

John Cosentino | Kennesaw, GA Office

Technical Services Manager

John has been part of the ERC team for more than 15 years. He began his ERC career as an installer, traveling the country installing point of sale systems, drive-thru communications, timers, and surveillance systems for eight years. The experiences gained during his years in the field helped John grow into his current position. Currently, John is responsible for project management of installation and field service, where he oversees the production and service department. John’s hard work with complex daily operations helps ERC provide the best service to our customers.

Corey Hale | Kennesaw, GA Office

Technical Services Engineer

Corey Hale began working at ERC in the mid-1980s as a bench technician. In the ’90s, Hale’s passion for electronics led him to leave the company and seek a degree in engineering. After receiving his degree and working on many beta projects and in education, Hale returned to ERC in 2006. Returning to a company that helped him identify his passion, Hale now works with the technical service team and has been helping ERC excel for over 15 years.