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Our Cash Discount Program Reduces Costly Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card payments may be convenient for customers but can reduce profitability. On average, credit card processing fees can cost restaurants 3-6% of their monthly sales. But with our cash discount program, your restaurant can incentivize customers to pay with cash rather than a credit or debit card. For those who still want to pay with a card, restaurants can also implement a surcharge, an additional fee per transaction, to pass any merchant service processing fees to the customer. Our cash discount merchant services enable restaurants to offer transparent pricing options that empower customers to decide how they want to pay. Better yet, it can eliminate or reduce 90% or more of credit card processing fees, significantly improving your bottom line.

Incentivize and Reward Customers Who Pay with Cash

Learn how to implement a cash discount credit card processing program to eliminate or reduce costly merchant service fees.

How Does the Cash Discount Program Work?

The customer’s bill will include a line for a non-cash adjustment or surcharge to cover card processing fees. If they pay with cash, the surcharge is waived, saving you and the customer money. Rates are automatically applied, and fees or discounts are displayed on the receipt. The options should be clearly communicated with in-house signage.

Benefits of Cash Discount Credit Card Processing for Restaurants

Our restaurant cash discount program is a simple solution that enables hospitality businesses to reduce or eliminate unnecessary credit card processing fees. Encouraging customers to use cash can provide your business with these additional benefits:


Improve Cash Flow

When customers pay with cash, you have more cash on hand and don’t have to wait for access to funds from credit card processors.

Offer Flexible Options

Discounts and payment choices make customers feel rewarded and indicate that you have their best interests in mind, creating loyalty.

Increase Profits

Credit card processing fees can be a significant expense, and reducing or eliminating these costs will benefit your bottom line.

Cut Chargebacks

Chargebacks care extremely costly when a customer disputes a card transaction. Cash payments eliminate this risk.

Cash Discount Merchant Services Features

Our cash discount merchant services are part of a secure, reliable, PCI-compliant payment solution and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your restaurant. It is legal and available in all 50 states, offering these features:

  • Works with popular payment options, including EMV, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments
  • Easy to set up, integrating seamlessly with your existing POS system and payment terminals
  • Provides simplified merchant services statements with transparent fees

How Our Cash Discount Program Can Benefit Patrons

Improve your customer relationship and enhance their experiences with cash discount credit card processing. You’ll offer flexible, convenient payment options and empower customers to choose how they prefer to pay. Build trust and loyalty with customers by providing transparent pricing for cash vs. credit/debit card transactions. Reward those who pay with cash, and improve the profitability of your restaurant business.

Ready to Start Saving on Processing Fees?

Get started on reinvesting profits into your restaurant with ERC’s cash discounting program. Simplified billing and accounting and increased cash flow await. Reach out to our experts today!