Enhance the Checkout Process with Contactless Payment Solutions

Contactless payments have quickly become a preferred method for patrons to transact with your brand. With advances in technology, it’s now easier than ever for restaurants to offer various contactless payment options, including QR codes, unattended devices, or mobile wallets (Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay) via smartphone or mobile payment terminal. These solutions empower customers to control the checkout process, resulting in positive experiences for them and increased revenue for you. Partner with ERC to easily integrate a contactless payment solution for your restaurant into your existing point of sale (POS) and payment systems.

Easily Implement Contactless Payment Solutions for Your Restaurant

Discover how easy it is to integrate contactless payment options into your restaurant operations to streamline the checkout process.

Offer the Payment Options Customers Prefer

You can enhance the customer experience by including contactless payment options, which offer convenience, peace of mind, and other benefits for consumers and restaurant owners. Here are the advantages of implementing a contactless payment solution for your restaurant.


Improve Security

Use EMV (chip card) technology to enable patrons to complete transactions without human interaction, reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

Streamline Checkout

Reduce wait times, increase throughput, and improve the customer experience by empowering them to pay quickly when ready.

Cater to Customers

Younger generations, such as millennials and Gen Z, especially prefer the ease of contactless payment options and tend to order and tip more.

Promote Safety

Keep both employees and customers safe and healthy by avoiding high-touch POS and payment terminals, thereby reducing the spread of germs.

Versatile Contactless Payment Options for Restaurants

Contactless payment solutions enable customers to settle checks and tips via a variety of device types, whether personal (such as smartphones) or restaurant-issued (such as tablets). Consider what else these options can do:

  • Ensure secure, encrypted customer transactions with EMV technology
  • Accept payments by QR code, enabling patrons to scan or tap to pay via mobile wallets
  • Generate electronic receipts sent via email
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing POS system

Use Contactless Payments to Create Positive Customer Experiences

When you implement a contactless payment system in addition to traditional payment methods, you’ll give customers greater flexibility to choose the option they prefer. Contactless payments for restaurants also offer speedier checkout and enhanced protection of customers’ financial data. With this technology, you can provide a convenient experience that creates loyal customers.

Explore the Possibilities of Contactless Payments

Experience the future of seamless transactions while cultivating lasting customer relationships that drive revenue growth.