Improve Customer Engagement with Our Restaurant Waitlist

Aside from the quality of a restaurant’s food, a key element determining the level of customer satisfaction is wait time. You can improve this aspect of the dining experience and transform your operations by implementing restaurant waitlist software. Eliminate crowded waiting areas and obnoxious buzzers that must stay in range to function. Now, you can utilize text messages to alert patrons that their table is ready. Our restaurant waitlist app empowers customers to reserve tables through an easy-to-use online interface that sends real-time updates to their smartphones. Our restaurant waitlist app also helps you optimize seating and increase table turns to make more revenue per shift.

Efficiently Coordinate To-Go and Curbside Orders

Looking to enhance the efficiency of your to-go and curbside pickup processes? ERC provides order-ready texting solutions, enabling you to promptly notify customers when their orders are prepared. Get in touch with our experts to learn more!

Restaurant Waitlists Offer Convenience and Efficiency

Our restaurant waitlist app empowers hospitality businesses to communicate the status of customers’ tables accurately and efficiently. Diners appreciate the freedom to wait where they like (outside, in the car, away from crowds) and the safety of receiving alerts through their device rather than a publicly-handled buzzer. Waitlists also allow you to:

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Improve Queueing

Streamline the reservation process by enabling customers to conveniently reserve a table online when they want.
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Optimize Labor

Reduce the labor required for hosting-stand duties and reallocate staff to more mission-critical restaurant functions.

Lower Wait Times

Utilize text messages to notify customers when tables are ready to enhance seating management and maximize table turns.

Increase Profitability

Effortlessly fill no-shows or cancellations and further ensure repeat business by improving the customer experience.

Flexible Features of Restaurant Waitlist Software

Our restaurant waitlist offers a single, easy-to-use interface for visual and intuitive table management. It allows you to handle multi-channel reservations (online, in-person, over the phone), walk-ins, cancellations, large parties, and events. The system also:

  • Accepts online reservations at any time of the day.
  • Allows hosts to assign or release tables easily.
  • Maximizes seat utilization.
  • Provides accurate wait-time estimates based on past performance.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your point of sale.
  • Accommodates customer preferences (table vs. booth) and needs (high-chair requests).
  • Offers a more personalized feel to communications.
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Why Customers Appreciate Restaurant Waitlists

Our restaurant waitlist app increases customer satisfaction by reducing the wait time to be seated and by clearly and safely communicating with diners. Text message alerts’ convenience and conversational feel provide positive interactions with your brand and encourage frequent return visits that will help your restaurant thrive.

Get Started on Better Communication and Reduced Wait Times

Enhance the dining journey, reshape operations, and operate efficiently by adopting cutting-edge restaurant waitlist software!