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Quick-service restaurants need to be just that: quick. In order to keep your service at top speed, you need a quality drive thru timer. drive thru timer is an industry-leading timer that delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

With the drive thru timer system, you can get in-depth data that helps you identify bottlenecks and keep operations on track. No guessing or averaging needed—the Summit drive thru timer equips you to stay productive and profitable with audible alerts, color-coded screens, and real-time data.

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Key Advantages

Discover the Benefits of the Summit Drive Thru Timer

Faster Service

Use automated push alerts to keep employees working quickly and efficiently for shorter wait times, more productivity, and higher sales.

Better Customer Experience

With faster drive thru operations, your customers can enjoy a faster, more organized experience that encourages them to keep coming back.

Greater Visibility

Detailed, automated reports can help you identify hiccups and problem areas for continuous improvement within your operation.

Noteworthy Features of Drive Thru Timer

What Makes Summit the Best Option

The Summit drive thru timer is a pioneer of the QSR industry. It utilizes the latest technology to deliver unmatched performance. This comprehensive drive thru management and reporting system includes everything you need to operate smoothly, and requires no additional hardware or software.

The Summit system has a variety of different features that make it stand out from the competition, including different audio alerts depending on where cars are in the drive thru process, ranking options, push notifications, detailed reports, and cloud-based reporting. All of these features lead to a reduced total cost of ownership and less downtime.

Other Features Include:

  • Real-time timer data and rankings
  • Single, tandem, and dual-lane drive-thru capabilities
  • Tamper-proof security
  • Push alerts with actionable insights
  • Extensive cloud reporting and data analytics
  • Ability to run various competitions
  • Shown to scale drive-thru
  • Audible alerts
  • Standard timer and ranking
  • Proprietary loop adjustment and analysis tools

Cloud Reporting Screenshots

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