Can Your Drive Thru Speed of Service Outpace the Competition?

Put the “quick” in “quick service” with a drive thru timer, an essential tool for assessing the efficiency of your operations. Speed of service is a crucial element in customer satisfaction; long, slow-moving lines can lead to abandonment and lost sales. Implementing a drive thru timer can help you analyze how close your restaurant can get to that benchmark. It can assist in identifying bottlenecks that need to be addressed so you can improve customer satisfaction and throughput — both of which increase revenue.


Integrate Your POS Transactions With an AI-Based Drive Thru Timer

With our AI-based drive thru timer system, you can track and measure speed of service, create a loyalty program by identifying repeat customers, optimize workflow, and more!

Better Experiences for Customers, Better Sales for You

ERC works with industry-leading partners to provide the best drive thru solutions, including drive thru timer systems. With our timer, you’ll gain greater visibility into your operations, with in-depth data and actionable insights. Armed with this information, you can make improvements that will have additional positive consequences affecting your bottom line.


Increased Speed of Service

Swift and efficient service means more drive thru customers per shift, leading to a boost in revenue.

Customizable Drive Thru Configuration

Our timer adapts to your preferred drive-thru setup, be it single-lane, merge, or wait bays.

Deliver Enhanced Customer Experiences

Reduce wait times, delays, and abandonment by streamlining the drive thru process to ensure retention.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Set goals, receive alerts, and run detailed reporting to analyze drive thru performance and inspire productivity.
AI Timer

Accessible Intel from Your Drive Thru Timer

ERC’s drive thru timer system presents your performance data clearly, with a range of audio and visual cues highlighting areas that require attention. Several other features make the information readily accessible.


  • Easy to understand color-coded screens
  • Live, real-time data and graphics
  • Audible alerts for missed target times or KPIs
  • Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics
  • Automated push notifications and reports
  • Single, tandem, and dual-lane capabilities
  • Proprietary loop adjustment & analysis tools
  • Ability to run various competitions

Let ERC Help You Find the Best Solutions for Your Drive Thru

We provide complete drive thru solutions to suit your unique needs and grow your revenue, including timers, menu boards, order confirmation boards, and headset repairs or upgrades. Leverage our years of in-depth QSR experience to optimize your operations.