Streamline Your Operations with an Integrated Kitchen Display System

ERC provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective kitchen display solution for all of your restaurant needs. With our system, you can eliminate paper tickets and reduce order errors, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher profits. Our team can help you create a kitchen display system network that fits your kitchen layout for optimal food preparation. Gain clear visibility into customer orders and watch your kitchen become a streamlined and efficient machine. ERC partners with industry leaders to provide you with reliable, intuitive software, rugged hardware, and customized kitchen display system solutions.

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Take Your Kitchen Displays To The Next Level!

KDS Reliable Hardware Features

  • Fully integrated cloud monitor functions
  • Real-time performance results
  • Flexible layout and function options
  • Integration with your existing POS system
  • Customized configurations between multiple devices
  • Powerful and Bright LED displays
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • HDMI Video Output
  • Wifi and Ethernet capabilities
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Increased Order Accuracy with Digital Order Tickets

Kitchens are fast-paced environments with a myriad of moving parts. For this reason, paper tickets used for taking customer orders can be easily mishandled and misunderstood, leading to incorrect, forgotten, or misplaced meals — errors that you will have to spend time and money correcting.

With a full kitchen display system, orders can be transferred from screen to screen as each section of the kitchen does its part to complete the order. Orders may be moved, prioritized, or transferred to another station to keep delays to a minimum. Different order components can be automatically routed to separate stations for simultaneous order prep.

Paper tickets can quickly become dirty, crinkled, and hard to read. Just the same, handwritten tickets can be misunderstood or even illegible. With a KDS, your staff can view orders on easy-to-rad, bright screens, resulting in fewer order errors and reducing frustration among staff. As a result, your kitchen will become more accurate and efficient, able to service even more customers than ever before.

Gain Better Visibility and Control and Make More Money

With a kitchen display system, you’ll retain full control over orders and how they move throughout the kitchen. Just stand back and watch as your staff handles peak hours with speed and accuracy. With orders that are right every time, customer satisfaction will skyrocket and high customer ratings will turn your restaurant into a crowd favorite. With the ability to meet customer expectations and handle more orders thanks to your newfound efficiency, your restaurant can turn over higher profits.


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