Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services That Are Centralized & Secure

Today’s businesses have a broader reach, an online presence, and important data to capture and protect. Cloud managed services (CMS) maintain your hosting and storage, ensuring that the best data management and security protocols are in place. This allows you to shift the maintenance of data storage and processing from your business, freeing up time and resources so you can focus on taking care of your customers and business. In addition, cloud services are an efficient way to deliver the infrastructure you need without the costly investment. We have partnered with i3 to offer cloud managed services and AI solutions to help your business make more informed decisions.

Ready to Discover the Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Services?

ERC’s cloud services are customizable to your needs. Learn how using the cloud can enable greater visibility into your operations!

i3 Cloud Managed Services Program Top Features

Consolidate your pertinent data into comprehensive, actionable reports that improve security and give you peace of mind.

  • Cost-effective security system
  • Point of sale integration
  • Anti-virus software
  • Health monitoring
  • 6TB – 12TB video storage
  • Exception reports
  • Incident management
  • Customer-without-transaction
  • Queue time analysis
  • Ai GPU graphics card (Secure or Enterprise Package)

Bringing You CMS Solutions, Tailored To Your Needs

We offer different program levels for cloud managed services, ensuring you get what you need.

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Benefits Of CMS For Your Restaurant


Physical Security

Key access to video systems and data reporting solutions

Business Insights

Capture critical business metrics to implement improvements

Health & Safety

AI and video combination provide customized solutions

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