Cloud-Based Loyalty Program

Keep Customers Engaged with Our Restaurant Loyalty Program

Attracting new customers to your restaurant is essential, but turning them into happy repeat diners is even more critical — and profitable. Our restaurant loyalty programs help you build lasting relationships that maximize lifetime customer value. You’ll be able to streamline marketing strategies and offer different loyalty program options that reward patrons based on purchases made, dollars spent, number of visits, or another metric you design. Re-engage with customers through email marketing and SMS text messaging to offer tailored coupons, promotions, special offers and rewards. Our restaurant customer loyalty program allows patrons to earn and redeem rewards regardless of where or how they purchase from your brand.

Keep Customers Engaged With myFocus Cloud Loyalty

Discover How Customer Loyalty Programs For Restaurants Incentivize Satisfaction

Attract customers and boost loyalty with a centralized platform for coupons, surveys, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Gain Repeat Business Insights with Customer Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Restaurant customer loyalty programs do more than incentivize frequent return visits. They also provide a wealth of data and actionable intel. Previous ordering histories, for example, will reveal individual preferences and larger sales trends. Our restaurant loyalty program offers as many benefits for restauranteurs as it does for customers.

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Increased Revenue

Repeat customers spend more due to brand connection fostered by the loyalty program, reward enjoyment, and personalized experiences.
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Centralized Management

Our unified restaurant loyalty program rewards patrons for online and in-house purchases from a single location or across a chain.

Customer Marketing

Leverage customer data from the loyalty program to send personalized emails or texts with tailored offers or promotions.
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Customer Insights

Create and automate detailed loyalty rewards reports for valuable insights to fine-tune your program for optimal results.

Choose from a Variety of Restaurant Loyalty Program Options and Features

There are plenty of options available that allow you to craft a restaurant loyalty program tailored for your business. Our programs prioritize flexibility and convenience through features such as:

  • Cardless and QR code options
  • Ability to easily enroll, check balances, or redeem rewards online or through social platforms such as Facebook
  • A variety of reward program options, including:
    • Points system (assign points to menu items)
    • Sales (customers earn points for each dollar spent)
    • “Around the World” (customers can place points on various menu options)
    • Incremental (different loyalty levels based on visits or dollars spent)
  • Personalized marketing through specialized customer lists that you can market to based on purchase history
  • Seamless integration with gift cards to encourage repeat business
  • Omnichannel and enterprise-designed loyalty program enabling patrons to earn and redeem rewards for all purchases at any location
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How Restaurant Loyalty Programs Are Essential Revenue Generators

Customers want to feel connected to brands they like, and restaurant loyalty programs foster that relationship. Our programs offer a range of reward options and provide data for personalized marketing, encouraging repeat visits that will generate a healthy revenue stream for your establishment. A little customer appreciation goes a long way.

Start Gaining Valuable Insights Into What Your Customers Want

See how our restaurant loyalty program is essential for increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value.