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Operating a successful quick service restaurant promises to provide you with an array of challenges specific to the QSR industry that you won’t find in any other hospitality environment. To reach your full potential, you need a quick service point of sale (POS) system tailored to your unique needs.

ERC’s Focus POS system is the ideal solution for quick service restaurants. Focus POS includes industry-specific functionality that helps you speed up drive-thru operations, increase customer satisfaction, and keep lines moving. In addition, our quick service pos software provides the tools you need to offer more than just speed — it equips you to provide top-notch customer experiences that keep guests coming back again and again.


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What it Means to Choose ERC for Your Quick Service Restaurant POS System

Benefits of Our QSR POS System

Speed Up Service

With tools like conversational ordering, you can provide better customer service while making it easier and faster to take orders. The intuitive interface makes it simple to input orders and process transactions. Further increase speed by sending orders directly to the kitchen display to begin prep work.

Reduce Order Errors

Customer order confirmation improves accuracy and eliminates voids by allowing customers to review and approve their orders. At the same time, the kitchen display system separates and prioritizes orders, helping ensure all orders are fresh, on-time, and correct.

Monitor & Grow Success

Detailed reports are easy and fast to generate and can be emailed or texted to you. Gain deeper visibility into inventory operations, labor processes, sales, expenses, and a variety of other business areas so you can make more informed business decisions.

Quick Service POS Software Add-Ons

Achieve More with Your Technology

myFocus Office: Get all the functionality of our on-premises solution with added reliability. myFocus Office is a cloud-based POS system that allows you to continue running without an internet connection.

myFocus Mobile Management: Stay informed and in control no matter where you are. Our mobile solution keeps you connected to your business through your mobile device so that you can ensure a smooth operation from anywhere.

myFocus Central Cloud-Based Reporting: Consolidate data from all your locations on one easy-to-use dashboard. You can monitor trends, view critical data, and draw comparisons between your locations.

myFocus Loyalty and Gift: Incentivize customers to continue returning and draw in new ones by offering a valuable loyalty and gift card program. Our solutions make it easy to manage your programs and grow your business.

Mobile POS: Take your QSR POS on the go with Mobile POS. Let front-of-house staff take orders out on the floor to shorten lines and automatically transmit orders to the kitchen.

Online Ordering: Open yourself up to a broader audience by putting your menu online and giving your customers a new, more convenient way of ordering from you with online ordering

Service and Support

Get the Most out of Your Quick Service Restaurant POS System

ERC goes above and beyond for its clients. We don’t just provide technology solutions—we offer the comprehensive service and support you need to keep your technology operating in tip-top shape. Our experienced professionals can help you with every step, from identifying the best solution for your needs, to training and installation, to ongoing support and repairs.

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