Discover the Benefits of Industry-Proven Restaurant Point of Sale Software

ERC proudly partners with Focus POS to provide our customers with a fully configurable POS solution. For more than 30 years Focus POS has been providing top-of-the-line software with the best functionality that can support success for any restaurant concept. These POS systems can handle multiple revenue centers, including counter service, drive-thru, and online and mobile ordering, and you have the option to break down reports by area or review restaurant performance as a whole. Making it easier to manage your front and back of the house.

For quick service and fast-casual restaurants, easy-to-use Focus POS allows employees to start taking accurate orders from day one. Display up to 150 buttons for menu items, payments, and discounts and add a customer-facing confirmation display to maximize accuracy and speed of service.

Focus POS Also Supports:

  • Kitchen video
  • Biometric fingerprint access control
  • Cash trays
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Printer rerouting
  • Drive-thru automatic order retrieval

Spend Less Than a Meal at Your Favorite Restaurant!

With ERC’s POS bundles, you can stop paying for overpriced devices and get the perfect POS system tailored to your needs. In addition to state-of-the-art hardware, our bundle packages include software features that matter, such as P2Pe EMV Processing, pay-at-the-table, online ordering and delivery, labor scheduling, and more!
POS Bundle

Restaurant Point of Sale Features

POS Customization

Create a unique solution for your restaurant with your choice of module additions and find support for all your business needs.

Customer Service

Input orders quickly and efficiently, offer integrated loyalty rewards and easily handle discounts, coupons, and various payment types.

Inventory Control

Track inventory, control costs, manage invoices and collect usage data with above-store solutions.

Labor Scheduling

Manage shifts, schedule more easily with templates, and forecast labor based on historic data.


Integrate security cameras and control access to your POS system, securely complete payment transactions, and quickly and accurately verify age.


Access detailed reports on labor, inventory, sales, and customers and efficiently export sales data to QuickBooks.

Table Management

Easily split checks, split items, open and name tabs, and manage transfers and comps.

Learn about Focus POS as a Subscription

Top-of-the-Line POS System for Low Monthly Cost.

How a Focus POS Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Eliminate Lengthy Training

With Focus POS, you have restaurant point of sale software that’s simple to learn, easy to use, and reliable, so you can always provide fast, accurate service.

Easy Payment Methods

Focus offers restaurant point of sale software on a subscription basis. Just pay a low, monthly payment instead of making an upfront investment, and take advantage of all of Focus POS’ features.

Array of Add-On Modules

Focus POS provides you with an integrated restaurant management system that gives you the tools you need to efficiently run every aspect of your business, whether you operate a single restaurant or a multistore chain.

myFocus Mobile Management: Keep a close watch on sales, inventory, and employees — even when you’re away from the restaurant — by remotely accessing your restaurant point of sale software and data via the myFocus mobile app.

myFocus Central: Gain greater visibility into your business with our web-based reporting platform that allows you to quickly view critical data from a custom dashboard. myFocus Central also integrates with Focus Enterprise for easy menu updates across all locations.

myFocus Loyalty and Gift: Offer loyalty rewards that keep customers coming back again and again, and give them the convenience of accessing their loyalty program information through a mobile app from Focus. Focus also enables you to offer gift cards that you can easily load at the POS and process in real-time.

Mobile POS: Take POS where it’s needed, whether tableside, line busting to shorten a queue, in outdoor seating areas, or on a food truck.

Online Ordering: Seamlessly accept orders placed online or via smartphone and automatically transmit them to the kitchen, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

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