Boost Business With ERC’s Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Our restaurant POS software equips quick service, fast casual, and table service hospitality establishments with comprehensive tools to elevate customer experiences and optimize workforce productivity. With a range of cutting-edge modules and integrations, including mobile POS, online ordering, kitchen display, and AI-driven drive-thru systems, our solutions encompass all the features that today’s modern hospitality operations require. Our user-friendly restaurant point of sale software simplifies operations, facilitates shift management, and effortlessly tracks sales. Whether looking to enhance speed of service, ensure order accuracy, or elevate customer satisfaction, our POS software streamlines operations, fostering revenue growth and profitability.

Elevate Your Business With Configurable Restaurant POS Software

Transform your restaurant management from a centralized hub through your POS system, seamlessly overseeing both front- and back-of-house operations. Whether you’re steering an independent establishment or a multi-store chain, ERC can develop a POS solution designed to meet the unique needs of your restaurant business.

Optimize Employee Labor

Optimize Labor

You can assign job codes, use scheduling templates, and forecast labor needs based on analysis of your peak and slow periods.
Enhance Customer Experiences

Enhanced Experiences

Provide more satisfying experiences by reducing wait times, using tools such as drive thru timers and mobile POS tablets for line busting.
Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Increase order volume and average ticket size by implementing online ordering, mobile ordering and using upselling prompts.
Earn Repeat Business

Earn Repeat Business

Strengthen customer relationships by maintaining a loyalty program and using data to create personalized marketing offers.

Build The Perfect Restaurant POS System

Elevate service speed and boost ticket size with our restaurant POS bundles. Complete solutions that include hardware, software, and integrated payment processing.

A Robust Set of Restaurant Point of Sale Software Features

ERC boasts the scalability and advanced features to meet the evolving demands of your growing hospitality organization. Experience seamless expansion and stay ahead of the curve with ERC’s tailored solutions designed to elevate your restaurant operations to new heights.


  • Table management & reservations
  • Conversational ordering
  • Menu and promotions management
  • Inventory control
  • Labor management & scheduling
  • Omnichannel (drive-thru, delivery, curbside)
  • Payment processing
  • Analytics (Reporting)

Do Even More With Add-On Features

Effective POS systems are crafted to seamlessly collaborate with various functions and equipment as required. Elevate the capabilities of your restaurant POS software by effortlessly incorporating these enhancements:


Mobile POS

Online Ordering

Drive Thru

Security Systems

Kickstart the Improvement of Your Restaurant Operations

ERC delivers cutting-edge restaurant technology solutions for streamlined operations, increased revenue, and business empowerment! Connect with our experts to begin your journey today.