Order Confirmation Screen

Technology that Boosts Efficiency and Profits

Achieving success in drive thru operations hinges on speed and accuracy, and a crucial technological component that enhances both is an order confirmation board. These displays not only provide customers with visual confirmation of their accurate orders but also serve as prime advertising real estate. You can showcase menu items and promotions by utilizing the screen space before order placement, enticing customers to increase their average order size. Implementing a modern order confirmation system will enhance customer engagement and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for your quick service restaurant.

Ready to Upgrade Your Drive Thru Experience?

Don’t settle for a subpar restaurant POS system. Build the perfect POS with the features and integrations your business needs. Combine with our confirmation boards to take your restaurant to new heights.

Streamline the Ordering Process and Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the drive thru line, every second counts. The faster you move things along, the higher your throughput will be. Plus, customers appreciate the convenience and efficiency, leading to even more revenue from repeat business. Order confirmation boards offer a healthy return on investment (ROI) by providing several benefits.

Increase Speed

Eliminating time spent verbally reviewing and repeating orders will shave valuable seconds off total time.

Reduce Errors

Reduce the possibility of things being misunderstood or missed entirely, increasing customer satisfaction.

Elevate Service

Distinguish yourself from the competition by consistently delivering faster, more accurate, service.

Minimize Waste

Enhanced accuracy translates to reduced waste from incorrect orders, minimizing time and labor.

Optimal Visibility and Performance with These Order Confirmation Board Features

ERC’s order confirmation systems are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure and fanless operation, even in extreme temperatures. The display is super-bright, with more than 1500 cd m2 luminosity for clear, vivid images even in direct sunlight. Its long-life LED backlight provides high color saturation and depth. ERC manufactures housing for both canopy mount and pedestal mount order confirmation display. Our exclusive configuration allows for easy installation into existing housings as well.



  • Optional armored touchscreen
  • Remote DC power (no AC needed)
  • Analog RGB, VGA, or DVI input
  • No noise pollution
  • No third-party software required
  • Greater lifespan with fewer operational components
  • No downtime due to integration issues or system resets

Grow Your Drive Thru Profits with an Order Confirmation Board from ERC

Since drive thru sales can often make up a large portion of your revenue, you want to leverage all available technology to maximize those profits. Along with top-tier headsets, digital menu boards, and drive thru timers, order confirmation boards can help create a drive thru experience that keeps customers returning. ERC is the technology partner with the industry expertise to provide the unique solutions your business needs.

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Supercharge Your Operations With an Online Confirmation Board

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