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Today’s consumers demand information and transparency. Order confirmation boards and order confirmation systems give your customers visibility into their order, taking the guesswork out of placing an order and ensuring they’ll receive the menu items they want. Order confirmation boards also provide you with the opportunity to introduce new items and feature promotions before a customer orders. This proven strategy will help you test new menu items, increase order amounts, and provide your business with healthy return on investment (ROI).

Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Industry

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ERC Order Confirmation Display

Super-Bright, Weatherproof Display for Outdoor Use

The ERC Order Confirmation Display is designed for optimal visibility and performance outdoors. More than only “sunlight readable” this order confirmation board is super-bright, with more than 1500 cd m2 luminosity, your customers will clearly vivid images, even in direct sunlight, without the use of antireflective coatings or filters. Its long-life LED backlight provides high color saturation and depth. Our order confirmation board is also designed specifically to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure and fanless operation, even in extreme temperatures of -40º C to +50 º C.

ERC manufactures housing for both canopy mount and Pedestal mount order confirmation boards. Our exclusive OCB configuration allows for easy installation into existing housings as well.


Additional Features:

  • Optional armored touchscreen
  • Remote DC powered (No AC power required)
  • Analog RGB,VGA or DVI input
  • Quiet operation
  • Runs directly from POS system; no third-party software required
  • With no 3rd party software nor air conditioner or heating required life span of OCB is greatly extended
  • No down time due to integration issues or system resets

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