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Take Operations Tableside and Watch Business Grow

Restaurant owners looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and help their business grow should consider leveraging technology such as order and pay at the table solutions. When you implement order and pay at the table systems, you optimize and transform your restaurant operations. Empowering patrons to order and check out at their own pace via tableside tablets reduces wait times, increases accuracy, and generates revenue through larger ticket sizes and faster table turnover. Today’s restaurants are also challenged to recruit and retain staff. You can combat labor shortages with tableside tablets for orders and payments, allowing you to allocate labor to mission-critical tasks that cannot be automated. When staff can focus more on customer interactions, they earn better tips.

Transform Your Operations and the Customer Experience

Explore the transformative capabilities of cutting-edge tableside order and pay POS solutions, elevating your restaurant operations.

Improve the Ordering and Checkout Processes with Order and Pay at the Table

Savvy restaurateurs are turning to technology like order and pay at the table to increase efficiency, improve customer experiences, and grow their bottom line. Order or pay at the table solutions offer benefits for patrons, staff, and owners.


Streamline Service

Patrons won’t have to wait for staff to run orders and payments back and forth, reducing the possibility of human errors and wait times.

Increase Security

Lower the risk of fraud or identity theft by enabling the customer to complete transactions tableside without handing over their card.

Optimize Labor

Utilize automated ordering and payment tasks while reallocating staff to tasks that cannot be automated by technology.

Increase Revenue

Automated ordering prompts upsell and cross-sell, increasing average ticket size, while faster checkout serves more patrons per shift.

Features that Maximize Order and Pay at the Table Functionality

Tableside tablets have evolved to offer various features that enhance ease of use for customers and provide maximum value for business owners. Let order and pay at the table tech streamline operations with these functions:

  • Automated prompts to promote menu items or specials during the ordering process
  • An intuitive touchscreen interface with the ability to add custom modifiers and order in multiple stages
  • Ability to accept all payment types, including credit, debit, and mobile wallets
  • A 7-inch or 10-inch tablet option with ruggedized design, IP 54 rating, and 4-foot drop spec
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Options to split checks, customize tip amounts, use gift cards, or redeem loyalty rewards

Use a Pay at the Table POS to Create Better Customer Experiences

Order and pay at the table systems offer a range of advantages that increase customer satisfaction. They empower customers to take control of the dining experience with confidence in the accuracy of their orders and checkout security. Speed of service is increased in multiple ways: sending orders directly to the kitchen streamlines food prep, and faster payment processing means reduced wait times for other customers to be seated. Freed from traditional order-taking and checkout tasks, your staff can focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Discover the Possibilities with Order and Pay at the Table

Empower customers and streamline operations to provide better dining experiences for your customers with order and pay at the table solutions.