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Take Operations Table Side and Watch Business Grow

Take your dining room to the next level with order and pay at the table point of sale (POS) solutions. Portable table-side POS solutions are proven to improve customer satisfaction while boosting ROI. With order and pay at the table POS, your staff gains the ability to provide guests with a seamless dining experience. Tableside POS solutions eliminate the need for servers to crowd around and wait for a POS system to free up in the back. With the ability to take orders and handle payments all while at the table, customers enjoy a better dining experience.

Enjoy increased guest satisfaction and higher table turnover; this POS can help servers perform their jobs more efficiently, allowing for streamlined workflows and better staff-customer relationships. ERC proudly partners with industry leaders to provide you with the best table-side order and payment solutions for your business needs.

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Top-of-the-Line Features

  • Touch Dynamic 10” Tablet running Focus for order and pay at the table is part of the unit
  • Compatible with chip cards, swipe, and Apple/Android Pay
  • Easy modifications and fast checkout
  • Intel® Atom® Cherry Trail Processor
  • Level 3 Certified EMV
  • 7” or 10” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Ruggedized design confirming to IP54 rating and 4 ft. drop specification
  • Standard features including WiFi, Bluetooth, and MSR (encrypted optional)
  • Use custom modifier buttons, split checks evenly or to adjust menu items pay in full

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Create a Better Customer Experience

With new order and pay at the table POS solutions, customers often reported higher levels of satisfaction. This can be attributed to fewer order errors, a common complaint among customers who have a poor customer experience. With pay at the table POS solutions, customers can instantly review their bill or order themselves, eliminating the chance of human error on part of the server. 

With streamlined operations, orders go directly from table to kitchen. This eliminates the need for paper tickets that can easily be lost along with crucial order information, resulting in less food waste from incorrectly prepared orders. Order and Pay at the table POS solutions also cut down on traffic throughout the restaurant, as servers no longer have to travel back and forth to a stationary kiosk to manually enter orders and process payments. 

Additionally, restaurant owners and managers can utilize our pay at the table POS to collect valuable customer data and feedback. With this information, you can build your marketing base and develop strategies based on real insights from your business.

Enjoy Higher Profitability

With order and pay at the table POS, your restaurant will experience multiple business benefits, including higher profits and more productive servers through increased operational efficiency. Because servers can spend less time on entering orders and preparing bills, they can focus on other tasks such as interacting with guests, resulting in increased customer happiness and larger tips. 

Tableside checkout also allows restaurants to turn over tables faster. With pay at the table POS kiosks, guests can check out whenever they’re ready, without any intervention from staff. This eliminates the need for customers to wait for the server to bring their bill, process payments, and return with change or signatures. 

You can also reduce the number of touchpoints in your restaurant with tableside checkout, limiting the spread of germs for staff as they are able to avoid clogging up one or two POS stations to input and complete payments. Lastly, tableside kiosks and tablets are often cheaper than integrating additional POS stations, allowing you to save precious revenue and put it towards something more important.

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