drive-thru headsets

Get the Most Out of Your Investment and Keep Drive Thru Lines Moving

Your drive-thru headsets are valuable assets — unless you can’t use them because they’re in need of repair. If broken headsets are slowing down your drive-thru operations, turn to ERC’s skilled service technicians for drive-thru headset repair that’s fast and efficient. Because of the extensive, hands-on training, our technicians undergo for all of the point of sale (POS) hardware we sell, they can diagnose issues quickly and efficiently make needed repairs.

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Depot and Exchange Service

The Easy Way to Manage Drive-Thru Headset Repair

We offer depot services for drive-thru headset repair throughout North America, South America, and the Caribbean. Regardless of your location, we’ll quickly repair or refurbish the headset and return it. If needed, we also offer exchange services for all of the hardware we sell. Contact us to learn more about our affordable service plans.

headset repair

Just Like New

Benefit by Choosing a POS Provider That’s also an Authorized Service Center

ERC makes it a priority to keep the POS hardware we sell functioning as well as it did the day you got it. Don’t just discard drive thru headsets when they’re damaged and constantly invest in new hardware. Let ERC keep your drive thru headsets — and all of your POS hardware — in working order so you can get the most value from of your investment.

ERC is dedicated to your success. With support and training from ERC, you’ll be able to process orders faster, improve drive thru operations, keep lines short, train new hires more quickly, keep customers happier, and increase sales.

ERC also services and repairs Hisense, Panasonic, and CRS equipment and SNBC printers.