An Essential Element of the Drive Thru Experience

Drive thru sales comprise a significant portion of the revenue stream (as much as 70%) for QSRs, coffee shops, and other fast-casual restaurant concepts, and their popularity is still growing across the entire industry. Clear, reliable communication is vital for providing a superior customer experience to ensure revenue continues flowing.

Ordering interactions should be as easily understood as they would be in the store. Streamlining order-taking in the drive thru starts with a drive thru headsets that delivers clear and reliable communication from the customer. Eliminate those frustrations with a drive thru headset system that utilizes the latest advances in sound technology for optimal performance.

Couple Our Innovative Headsets with The Perfect POS System

Get the maximum efficiency for your operations by combining ERC’s cutting-edge headsets with the perfect restaurant POS bundle package.

Benefits of a Drive Thru Headset from ERC

Upgrade to top-notch drive-thru headsets to enhance both customer and employee experiences, leading to a boost in your overall profitability. Ensure accurate order processing from the start, maintain efficient service, and enjoy the benefits of elevated customer satisfaction.


Strategic Partnerships

ERC collaborates with industry-leading manufacturers such as PAR and Panasonic for the sale and maintenance of drive-thru headsets.

Improved Accuracy

High-definition sound ensures clear communication so orders are heard correctly and entered accurately, reducing frustration and food waste.

Ease of Use

The simple, intuitive design facilitates quick training of new employees, ensuring they can efficiently handle order-taking using headsets.

Enhanced Service

Ordering times are reduced when staff and customers don’t have to repeat themselves or keep clarifying, optimizing drive thru performance.

Features That Enhance Sound Quality and Performance

Advanced drive thru headset technology offers increased flexibility in ordering options, scalability, and improved equipment durability, providing an excellent ROI.


  • Extended range
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Full shift charging
  • Enterprise management
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Ability to connect to multiple stores
  • Docking stations
  • Ability to record greeter and upsell messages

Find Your Drive Thru Headset Solution with ERC

Having issues with your existing headsets or looking to upgrade current headsets to meet increased customer demand? With our trusted partners, we can repair your existing headsets or sell you a new system that will take your drive thru performance to the next level.