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Transform customer experiences in the drive thru with a state-of-the-art drive thru headset system that allows your employees to easily take orders – without having to repeat themselves or ask for clarification. Keep lines moving quickly, increase order accuracy, and make customers happier with drive thru headsets that keep the lines of communication open.

ERC partners with industry leaders to provide our customers with drive thru headsets that deliver the performance and reliability you need for efficient operations.

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Panasonic Attune II HD3 Drive Thru Headset WX-CH455

Rugged Drive Thru Headsets with Noise-Reduction Technology

ERC brings you the Panasonic WX-CH455 Drive Thru Headset, designed specifically for the restaurant industry with sophisticated noise-reducing technology. This headset also has rugged features, including a tough headband and heavy-duty buttons, so they’re built to last, even in the harshest environments with high-volume use. Choose the configuration that best suits your operation: all-in-one headsets, belt pack order takers with wired headsets for belt pack, or modules, speakers, and microphones.

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Operating temperature range from 32 degrees F – 104 degrees F
  • Digital noise reduction
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Panasonic Attune II HD

Panasonic Attune II HD System

Bring Clarity With High-Definition Voice Communications

The Panasonic Attune II HD drive-thru communication system combines durability with simplicity and functionality, ensuring your business is equipped with the reliability it needs. Coupled with the all-in-one 457 headset, your drive-thru operations will have uninterrupted communications, avoiding noise from WiFi, restaurant equipment, and phone frequencies. Built to work seamlessly with your drive-thru operation, the Attune II HD System is built with four levels of digital noise reduction (DNR). As a result, your drive-thru operation will obtain order accuracy, minimize miscommunications, improve speed of service, and increase customer satisfaction.

Additional Features:

  • High-definition voice
  • Extended range covers more areas of the restaurant
  • Connect to 32 different stores
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3M/PAR Drive Thru Headset System G5

Modular System Minimizes Downtime

The 3M/Par Drive Thru System G5 is designed to give your restaurant a competitive edge with fast, accurate orders and efficient drive thru service. The system includes modular headsets that come with an extra carrier. Users can easily swap out the carrier in seconds, avoiding downtime and saving repair costs. The easy-to-use 3M system also features superior sound quality and reliability. Its smart, smaller footprint design takes up less wall space, and a single base can accommodate two drive thru lanes.

Additional Features:

  • Battery charge indicator
  • Docking station accommodates up to five headsets
  • Record up to 16 greeter and upsell messages
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