Our POS Project Management has Your Restaurant Covered – From Initial Meetings to Support

ERC’s extensive experience installing Focus POS systems has enabled us to develop an effective POS project management process. Our service guarantees a smooth installation and a POS system ready to provide your business with value from day one.

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ERC’s 10-Step POS Project Management Process

ERC’s proven IT project management process for successful POS implementation follows these 10 steps:

  1. Kickoff meeting: Meet your project manager who will guide you through each step of POS installation.
  2. Site survey: Your project manager will arrange a site survey to determine the optimal placement of your POS system components. The survey will also help the ERC team determine electrical and network requirements.
  3. Menu programming: Next, discuss your site-specific needs to create a customized database for your menu and optimize screens for your business workflows.
  4. Database review: Our IT project management processes include quality control. For example, we review your menu and go over your desired workflow for maximum efficiency. We also give you remote access to test the database before installation.
  5. Menu maintenance training: Our programmer will go over essential menu functions with all menu items and modifiers. We’ll teach you how to add new items, change prices, and create menu screens.
  6. Manager training: ERC provides extensive training for managers on all front- and back-of-house functions.
  7. Site inspection: ERC tests all wiring, properly prepares countertops for wiring, and ensures the environment is as dust-free as possible.
  8. Installation: Our installation team arrives on-site with all the necessary tools and equipment to install your system. After a final walkthrough, we get your business functioning with Focus POS as soon as possible.
  9. Staff training: We cover all of your POS system’s functionality and workflows from the perspective of everyday users. We ensure your team has the tools they need to handle daily operations.
  10. Go live and on-site support: ERC understands that transitioning to a new system can be stressful, but our POS project management processes make it easy. Additionally, after your POS installation, we offer on-site support for daily operations and any system modifications you need.
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ERC is dedicated to your success. With support and training from ERC, you’ll be able to process orders faster, improve drive-thru operations, and train new hires more quickly. You’ll also be able to keep lines short, keep customers happier, and increase sales. Our goal is to reduce stress so that you can focus on more important things — like your customers and their overall dining experiences.

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