Increase Accuracy and Security with Our Restaurant Cash Handling System

Invest in a restaurant cash handling solution to eliminate ineffective or unreliable cash management processes. Our cash management systems implement cutting-edge technology to help restaurant owners quickly and efficiently manage cash revenue, while advanced security features offer protection from theft. You’ll save time, reduce shrinkage, and maximize efficiency so you can focus more on your customers. ERC can help with every step of the cash handling process, from money counting to secure storage of cash on hand. Reduce miscounts, errors, and fraud that typically plague cash-based restaurant businesses when you implement an intelligent restaurant cash handling machine.

Reduce Shrinkage with Our Restaurant Cash Handling Solutions

Learn how to efficiently eliminate errors, reduce fraud, and increase accuracy with our restaurant cash management system.

End-to-End Management with Cash Management Systems

Our cash handling solutions and money counting machines help restaurants improve the processes, accuracy, and security of cash in their operations. Deploying our restaurant cash management systems can benefit your business at every step.


Count Cash

Improve the efficiency of your cash counting process to ensure 100% accuracy with a feature-rich cash management system.

Validate Cash

Safeguard and protect your bottom line while eliminating counterfeit notes with our comprehensive range of forgery detectors.

Move Cash

Minimize the potential for theft and safely transport cash from your drop safe to the bank, effectively safeguarding your assets.

Protect Cash

Reduce your susceptibility to theft by securely storing and depositing cash with easy, robust, cost-effective cash storage solutions.

Restaurant Cash Management Systems with the Features You Need

ERC offers a variety of cash handling machines with the ability to count by weight, provide high-speed counting, or identify forgery. We even have multi-purpose devices that act as money counters, cash deposit boxes, and counterfeit detectors, all in one unit. Other features include:

  • Compact, lightweight desktop models to fit tight spaces, with battery-operated and portable models available
  • Ruggedized bank note and check counters made to withstand demanding environments
  • Systems with integrated printers so cashiers can print and sign every count, ensuring accountability and enhanced record-keeping
  • Secure counters that accept cash from your till operator and ensure that it cannot be touched again until it reaches the bank

Get Started on Accurate and Secure Cash Handling Management

Discover how our restaurant cash handling solutions help to provide accurate and secure cash management systems for restaurants.