Restaurant Back Office Software is the Key to Effective Management

Whether you manage one restaurant location or a growing multi-unit concept, you need the right tools to provide insight into your business so you can make smarter, more well-informed decisions. Restaurant back office software gives you the control and flexibility to manage business performance at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Access store-level reports, monitor trends, create graphs, manage labor, and even build a custom dashboard for a unique view of critical data. You’ll be able to evaluate individual store performance, make comparisons between locations, or examine business performance overall. Gain complete visibility into your operations to maximize efficiencies — and profits.

Gain Real-Time Insight Into Restaurant Performance With a POS Back Office System

View and monitor sales and labor data from anywhere at any time. Create custom dashboards and reports to monitor your restaurant business’s critical key performance indicators (KPIs).

Gain Convenience, Mobility, and Flexibility with Restaurant Back Office Software

A single cloud-based, centralized location to retrieve and utilize your data provides significant advantages. You’ll have all the information you need to solve problems, spot trends, adjust pricing and processes, allocate labor effectively, understand customer behavior, and more.


Real-Time Insights

rack and monitor sales and labor data in real-time so you can act quickly to resolve potential performance issues.

Remote Management

Gain on-the-go access to essential business data securely stored in the cloud. Quickly analyze data with internet connectivity.

Customizable Reports

View data by location, region, or across your entire enterprise. Set key performance indicators, alerts, and statuses.

Scalable Software

Back office software provides an optimal solution that aids in expanding your business and evolves seamlessly.

Restaurant POS Back Office Features and Functionality

Aside from the food and service quality, many aspects of restaurant management are data-driven. Analytics and historical performance metrics help you make sound choices when managing a range of tasks (which can all be done remotely):

  • Easily review and edit timecards.
  • Create and edit employee information.
  • Schedule and monitor staffing needs to avoid unnecessary labor costs such as overtime.
  • Update menu items, pricing, and promotions for one location or enterprise-wide.
  • Pull customized sales reports to monitor restaurant performance.
  • Develop custom dashboards to view and chart the data you need.

Make Fact-Based Business Decisions with Restaurant Back Office Software

A POS back office solution will give you real-time access to data so you can monitor the performance of your restaurant at all levels, from enterprise down to staff and menu items. Quickly set up custom reports to chart the data points that matter most to you, and set alerts and statuses so you can proactively address business challenges. Secure, cloud-based storage means you can access and view data from anywhere via an Internet browser, so you’re always in touch with your operations. With restaurant back office software, you’ll make smarter, more informed business decisions based on historical data to take your business to the next level.

Stay Connected to Your Business Wherever You Are

Get started on gaining visibility into your restaurant’s sales, profits, and performance metrics with our cloud-based back office software.