Optimize your Drive Thru Timer with our Restaurant AI-based Technology

With a significant shift in drive thru business and recent labor shortages, optimizing your drive thru is more critical than ever. Our advanced restaurant AI-based solution will help your restaurant increase staff productivity, improve drive thru and curbside speed of service, all while keeping customers satisfied.

We partnered with i3 to bring you the Ai-based Velocity Timer, which combines your current POS transactions and video surveillance cameras with your drive thru timer. This solution gives management deeper insight into your quick service restaurant operations, providing them with the assets they need to train employees and tweak processes to run a more productive, secure restaurant.

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Restaurant AI-Based Drive Thru Timer Features

Using the latest AI-based drive thru timer solution will help you increase revenue and enhance customer experiences. Make the switch and incorporate a restaurant AI-based solution into your business.
  • Full Turn-Key Solutions
  • Secure Network Integration Platform
  • Open Architecture
  • Seamless Integration to POS
  • Detect and Deter Theft
  • Real-time Reports and Alerts
  • User-friendly Display
  • AI Optimization
  • Repeat Customer Identification
  • Staff Engagement

Business Boosting Benefits:

Drive thru timer technology has marginally improved over the years, but drive thru demand is rising. Keep up with customer expectations with our cutting-edge, easy-to-use AI-based drive thru timer.

Increase Sales and Profitability

Gain insights with an easy-to-understand dashboard and AI-based technology, helping restaurant managers find systematic ways to increase revenue and enhance their business.

Improve Customer Service

Feature recognition identifies repeat drive thru customers allowing your staff to deliver a consistent, personalized, and speedy experience by recognizing customer buying behavior patterns.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly integrate your restaurant’s current POS system and video cameras with the drive thru timer to improve staff productivity and increase the speed of service.

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