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Today’s consumers demand convenience. Many consumers are now accustomed to online and mobile ordering from their favorite restaurants. Elevate your digital presence and build your customer base with ERC’s innovative and cutting-edge restaurant online ordering solutions. At ERC, we have a team of experts to help your hospitality business transition into the new digital age of dining. Customize your online ordering solutions with our unique features and capabilities so that your online ordering properly represents your restaurant and covers all of your unique needs. Our restaurant online ordering system seamlessly integrates with your existing point of sale (POS) and kitchen display system (KDS) to streamline meal and order prep. Orders move effortlessly from online to the prep queue, providing your restaurant with faster order fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.

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Features of Our Customer-Friendly, Efficient, Secure Solution

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ERC provides our customers with efficient and secure restaurant online ordering systems. Take advantage of open APIs for easy integration to your existing POS and other IT systems. Your customers will be able to browse your menu, explore your featured items, and place orders from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With the ability to upsell your preferred menu items and provide mobile browsing, you empower your business to increase the average ticket size by upselling and cross-selling during the ordering process, maximizing your per patron revenue.


  • Automatic order management and transmission
  • Curbside pickup, delivery, or dine-in order integration capabilities
  • Easy check splitting
  • Customer Feedback Capture
  • EMV processing
  • Mobile wallet processing
  • Email options for receipts
  • Electrongic Signiture

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Restaurant Online Ordering System Benefits

Our advanced online ordering system allows you to take control of your online presence with customized branding that fits your restaurant’s requirements. After creating an online menu and site that reflects your brand, easily manage menus with instant updates making it easy to update menu items and prices from the cloud. Online ordering provides a unique opportunity to manage your online menu to feature and upsell your most profitable menu items based on time of day, season, and more.

When you customize your online ordering experience to feature customers’ favorite dishes on your eye-catching menus, customers are more apt. To spend longer browsing the menu and adding dishes into their cart. Resulting in an increase in your restaurant’s average ticket size.

Our Restaurant Online Ordering Service Partners

Our partnerships with the top POS suppliers in the nation allow us to find the right online ordering solution for your restaurant.

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