Create Ultimate Convenience with Restaurant Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup has quickly become a go-to favorite among consumers. With the demand for convenience at an all-time high, restaurants that aren’t integrating curbside solutions into their daily operations are likely to fall behind the competition. Before launching a curbside pickup operation, business owners must choose a software to go with it. Luckily, ERC offers the best technology in curbside pickup software solutions. While curbside service is an obtainable transition, it requires several integrations to work together. Our ERC staff are ready to help you navigate the waters and get your restaurant curbside service ready without any additional stress on your part.


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Restaurant Curbside Pickup Software Requires a Unique Blend Of:

online order

Online Ordering

Mobile Payments at Table and QR

Mobile Payments at Table and QR

Gift and Loyalty Enablement

Gift and Loyalty Enablement

Customer Service Management Solutions

Customer Service Management Solutions

Text Order Enablement

Text Order Enablement

PAX A930

Features of a Great Curbside Solution

Not all curbside solutions are created equal, however; it’s crucial to select a solution that will do everything your business requires. Settling for a solution that can’t meet your unique needs will only hinder your curbside operations and harm your business as a whole. As a start, review the features of the curbside pickup software you’re considering.

Notable Features from ERC:

  • Take mobile wallet payments from apps like Apple Pay
  • Securely process payments with EMV chip cards
  • Capture signatures from customers electronically
  • Manage curbside and in house orders in one place
  • Email customer receipts
  • Capture customer feedback
  • Easy cup count entry
  • Automatic menu syncs and updates
  • Loyalty and gift card accessible

Benefits of a Restaurant Management Ecosystem That Works For You

Why people choose curbside

Why People Choose Curbside

Curbside pickup provides convenience to customers in a hurry, allowing them to skip in-house wait times and avoid delivery fees. It allows restaurants to manage food quality from start to finish without leaving it in the hands of a third-party delivery driver. With online ordering customization from curbside pickup software, restaurants have the ability to create customized specials and deals to appeal to their customers.
When ordering

When Ordering

The Customer Service Module and waitlist help manage all of your customer-facing moving parts, effortlessly handling tasks like delivery dispatch and curbside pickup. With order confirmation texts, you can eliminate unnecessary contact between staff and customers. Texts can be sent to customers through every step of the process, including order received, order being prepared, estimated pickup times, and order ready.
When paying

When Paying

With the ability to accept gift cards and continue loyalty programs, consumers still benefit from dine-in perks, keeping operations as close to normal as possible. With online or mobile payments, customers can pay online when ordering or right at their car door when they arrive curbside. As an added bonus, you’ll reduce chargebacks as well as payment processing fees.

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