Keep Customers Engaged With myFocus Cloud Loyalty

Turning everyday guests into repeat customers is a top priority for many restaurant owners in today’s industry. The myFocus cloud-based loyalty program offered by ERC is a feature-rich solution that streamlines customer management to enhance the customer experience and grow your business. Show your customers how much they mean to you with different loyalty plan options, levels, and redeemable rewards.

Our cloud loyalty program provides all the tools and features you need to keep your customers returning, including promotional coupons, email marketing lists, SMS text messaging, multistore processing, and cloud storage.

So say goodbye to lost punch cards with a cloud loyalty program designed specifically for your restaurant. myFocus loyalty makes it easier to stay engaged with your customers, market more effectively, and grow your profits.

Cloud-Based Loyalty Program

Are you ready to ditch the old-fashioned rewards program and gain valuable insight into what your customers want?

Meaningful Rewards Boost Loyalty

In a world where technology has transformed how consumers interact with businesses, digital options are now becoming the norm. The outdated way of utilizing punch cards for loyalty points has been replaced with cloud-based loyalty programs. These programs can offer more than just free products – they are adaptable and scalable, giving you endless opportunities to boost retention and loyalty. Our comprehensive solution features cloud storage, card or cardless accounts, promotional coupons, marketing lists, and more. Furthermore, you can access insights that help promote your restaurant better. The myFocus cloud loyalty program’s rewards include:



Assign points to menu items, allowing the accumulation of points for a reward


Boost sales by allowing customers to earn points for each dollar they spend

“Around the World”

Give customers more flexibility by placing points on a variety of menu options


Implement different loyalty levels based on visits or dollar amounts spent

Cloud Loyalty Program Features

Consumers sign up for different loyalty programs from their favorite businesses. That’s why it’s essential to stand out and keep your brand in front of customers with ongoing engagement activities. The myFocus cloud loyalty program empowers you to use your customer loyalty program to generate dynamic marketing lists. Additional features include:

  • Customer app
  • Text message blasts
  • Marketing list generation
  • Social media integration
  • Promotional coupons
  • Multistore processing
  • Unlimited plans
  • Cloud storage

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