Manage Your Restaurant Anytime, Anywhere

There are many moving parts in a restaurant, and managers cannot be everywhere all of the time. Having instant access and complete visibility into your operations is not just wishful thinking: with myFocus Office cloud-based software, you can access your operations instantly from your mobile device or computer anytime, anywhere. Set yourself up for success with the convenience, mobility, and flexibility you need with a cloud-based reporting software solution.

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Cloud-Based Reporting

Back Office Management Made Easy with myFocus Office

Accessing your data from one centralized location not only puts the control back into your hands but makes for easy retrieval when working remotely or managing multiple locations. Our cloud-based reporting software allows you to evaluate individual store performance or store-level reports, monitor trends, examine overall business performance, and build a custom dashboard for easy navigation.

Making menu changes, adding employees, editing time cards, and pulling end-of-day numbers has never been easier. With myFocus Office, you can make changes on the go and never have to worry about losing data or experiencing downtime during updates. Our cloud-based reporting software securely stores your data while automatically updating – never causing your operations to cease.


Enhance Customer Engagement

With myFocus reporting, you spend less time on lengthy data collection and organization and more time on what really matters: your customers.

Greater Visibility & Insight

Gain more insight into your restaurant with real-time labor and sales reports, giving you the visibility you need for your business operations.

Make Changes On The Go

Access your data from anywhere you have an internet browser and make the changes you need when you’re on the go.

Cloud-Based Reporting Software Features

Employee Management

  • Edit timecards from anywhere
  • Create and edit employees
  • Remotely manage labor


  • Make menu changes from your home office
  • Pull sales reports
  • Manage single store and large multi-unit chains
Cloud Software

Stay connected to your business wherever you are. With myFocus Mobile, you can set custom mobile alerts, view detailed employee information, track inventory, and more.