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To keep your business successful, restaurant owners must be in control of your data. Your data reports aren’t just numbers; they’re the pulse of your business. ERC offers myFocus Central cloud-based reporting software for restaurant owners who are ready to gain back control of their operations.

With myFocus Central, you’ll never be second guessing. Our innovative software collects and consolidates data from every one of your locations, so all of your reports can be accessed from one centralized location. The cloud-based software allows your data to be stored and accessed anytime, anywhere.

Whether you have one or 100 locations, it’s crucial to stay on top of your reporting. Whether you’re looking to compare locations, check for trends, or inspect overall business performance, myFocus Central makes it easy to find the information you need, exactly when you need it.

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Cloud-Based Reporting Business Benefits

Spend More Time With Customers

With myFocus reporting, you can spend less time on lengthy data collection and organization, and more time on what really matters: your customers. Generate instant reports, graphs, and charts with just a few clicks.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Need to access an analysis report but you’re not at the office? No problem. Our cloud-based reporting software allows you to access your data from anywhere you have an internet browser– whether it’s your laptop, phone, tablet, or desktop.

Greater Visibility and Control

Without the right data, you won’t be able to make the right decisions. Restaurant owners need the proper tools to turn their data into meaningful insights. Gain back the visibility and control your restaurant needs to stay competitive with myFocus Central.

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myFocus Mobile: Information At Your Fingertips

Staying connected to your business has never been easier. With myFocus Mobile, you can access all of the information and reports you need on the go. Whether you’re traveling, managing multiple locations, or just at home, have peace of mind knowing you can check in on your business right from the palm of your hand.

MyFocus Mobile also allows restaurant owners to set custom mobile alerts, helping to avoid potential lost costs or issues.  From detailed employee information to inventory tracking, myFocus Mobile makes it easy to stay connected to your restaurant no matter where you are.

With myFocus Mobile Alerts, set alerts for:

  • Discount threshold
  • Void threshold
  • Variable price threshold
  • Returns threshold
  • Pay outs
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Batch problems
  • Opening employee not clocked in
  • End of day not processed
  • Support notifications for close day and batch

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myFocus Central Features

Whether you have a single location or restaurants all over the nation, myFocus Central keeps your data organized for you. Some of our various features include:

Enterprise Dashboard

  • Region filters
  • Date range spans
  • Store averages
  • Graphical analysis
  • Store alerts
  • System status

Single Store Dashboard

  • Drill-down details
  • Graphical data
  • Store alerts
  • Last batch information
  • Employees on the clock
  • Tracking items

Enterprise Reports

  • Advertising and royalty
  • Corporate item reports
  • Corporate labor reports

Store Reports

  • Labor reports
  • Store reports
  • Menu items
  • Accounting interface

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myFocus Central Software Screenshots

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