Cybera Network Security Solutions

Simplified Network Management for Modern Restaurants

Today’s modern restaurant requires a whole host of technology solutions to run their complex operations. Minimizing the impact of an internet network outage is crucial for restaurants, especially as cloud-based technology becomes increasingly popular.

At ERC, we’ve partnered with Cybera to provide today’s modern restaurant with a safe and secure SD-WAN network. Consolidate the function of multiple network devices into a single, easy-to-use system that runs essential restaurant technology such as point of sale (POS) systems, video surveillance, menu boards, and much more with multiple secure overlay networks on top of any underlying network.

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The Cybera Advantage

Reduce Networking Costs

Significantly reduce costs by decreasing the number of network devices and connections your restaurant needs, and consolidating them into one single plug-and-play device.

Optimize Application Performance

Give each of your applications its own secure network created specifically for that application’s needs to optimize performance and security.

Enhance Brand Protection

Minimize the cyber threat to your restaurant to keep all of you and your customers’ sensitive data safe.

Accelerate your Speed-to-Market

Application networks can easily integrate with existing systems with no down time, meaning your restaurant stays secure 24/7.

Powerful, Yet Simple Restaurant Network Management

Support all your Internet-Enabled Applications

Restaurants like yours strive to improve the guest experience and increase overall business profitability. With Cybera ONE, a solution created especially for restaurants, your business can expect to gain a variety of features created specifically for the industry.

All of your applications can run on their own secure virtual network, all while creating a single onsite system to consolidate network functions. Bringing new applications and business locations online is easy, quick, and cost-effective with Cybera.

Gain the Security You Need for Your Restaurant:

  • Back office solutions and apps
  • Digital signage
  • IoT
  • Loyalty programs
  • Payments
  • Mobile payments
  • Secure guest wi-fi
  • Tableside ordering
  • Video surveillance systems

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