Easy to Use Contactless Payment for Restaurants

Give your guests the convenience and ease of a fully contactless experience. As a restaurant, you can provide customers with a multitude of options for contactless payments such as QR codes and scan-to-pay with card or smart devices. Customers can tip and pay directly from their personal devices, controlling the whole experience and limiting direct interactions with staff.

With COVID-19 pushing everyone to reevaluate how to interact with one another, contactless payment solutions have skyrocketed in 2020, with this trend expected to continue into the foreseeable future. These solutions are safe and secure, widely approved, and easy to integrate into your existing operations. ERC works with industry leaders to bring you cutting-edge contactless payment technology to level up your business.

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Get Away from Traditional POS Terminal Payments

Top-of-the-Line Features

  • Pax 930 handhelds running Focus On
  • 5.5″ Capacitive Touch Screen / PIN on Glass
  • PCI PTS 5.x SRED & NFC Contactless
  • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Cortex A53 Processor
  • Front & Rear Camera
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • ATEX certified
  • Touch Dynamic 10” Tablet running Focus for Contactless Pay is part of the unit

Contactless is Customer Approved

Contactless payment solutions are already widely recognized and approved by consumers. Part of the reason for this is because contactless payments are super secure; these solutions feature advanced coding to protect bank details and other sensitive information. Without the need to hand over a card, enter a pin, or sign a receipt, security risks are kept to a minimum and the customer retains a peace of mind.

Additionally, people who use contactless payments tend to order and tip more than with traditional payment options. With the ability for customers to add to their check and control tip percentage at the touch of a button, the average ticket size will increase. In fact, a Mastercard study found that consumers who used touchless credit cards spent 30% more in the first 12 months of getting their card than those who used swipe cards.

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Improve Your Restaurant Operations

Easy to Implement

Contactless payments are no longer niche or hard to come by options. All you need is a POS system with the proper integration. You no longer have to struggle with what payment processor is right for your restaurant; simply find an integration that works with your POS system. Most integrations are intuitive and easy to use which means you don’t have to spend weeks training your staff on the new system, allowing everyone to get up to speed and back to work faster.

Speed Up Transactions

Your customers can say goodbye to waiting for staff to bring the check, process payments, and return with change or signatures. With contactless payment solutions, customers can take control of their checkout experience with little or no assistance from staff. All they need to do is simply scan their smart device, credit card, or QR code and handle the payment automatically through their mobile wallet. Contactless payment allows for a faster checkout and higher table turnover rates, meaning your restaurant can bring in more customers and collect more ROI

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