The Latest Drive Thru Communication System For Order Accuracy

Panasonic Attune II HD

Inaccurate orders are a costly mistake that quick service restaurants can’t afford to ignore at the drive thru. Even if customers receive their order promptly, their experience can be negatively affected by a missing or wrong item. The trickle-down effect from inaccurate orders leads to slower service at the drive thru as staff seeks to remedy the mistake.

To keep lines of communication crystal clear, ERC brings you the Panasonic Attune II System. The latest drive thru communication system offers high-definition sound quality for vivid voice communications, leading to order accuracy. Delivering four levels of digital noise reduction (DNR), the Panasonic Attune II System ensures your staff hears the customer’s order the first time, every time. Equipped with an electronic microphone, remote connection, and the industry-leading Panasonic battery, you can rest assured that your drive thru operations will increase customer satisfaction and retention by ensuring every order is error-free.

All-In-One Communication Solution

The all-in-one 457 Headset is exclusively designed for the Panasonic Attune Wireless Communication System and is built to work seamlessly with your drive-thru operation.

Features of the Panasonic Attune II HD Drive Thru Communication System

Minimized Miscommunication & Improved Speed of Service

Reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction and retention equates to higher throughput at the drive thru. The Panasonic Attune II System quickly captures subtle sounds, producing exceptional clarity and covering the broad spectrum of human voice. It’s simple, easy to use, and built to work seamlessly with your drive thru operation with just four buttons.

Additional Features:

  • The ergonomic and sanitary design weighs less than 100g with sanitary rubber pads
  • A single headset can be registered in up to 32 different stores
  • Troubleshoot issues and adjust settings from the corporate office to the individual stores
  • Colored tags distinguish each unit by drive-thru lane
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Panasonic Attune II HD

Panasonic Attune II HD Benefits

Clear communication with customers equates to better profit, and restaurants must adopt new technologies that can increase operational efficiency and drive revenue. With the Panasonic Attune II HD System, communication is simple: one button to talk, one button to change volume, one button to page, and one button to change lanes.

Additional Benefits:

  • With two repeaters per system, you can cover more areas of the restaurant
  • Extended Browser-Based Control allows you to remotely connect to your systems
  • The new 7kHz Wideband Sound on TALK/PAGE Voice produces a clear and vibrant, human-sounding voice
  • Troubleshoot issues and adjust settings from the corporate office to the individual stores
  • Temperature Range: 0 °C to +40 °C {32 °F to 104 °F}

Are You Ready To Boost Communication?

ERC delivers a solution platform that will ensure your business the reliability it needs for many years, at an affordable price.