Panasonic Attune All-In-One Drive-Thru Headset To Reduce Background Noise and Order Errors

ERC brings you the next generation Panasonic drive-thru headset system, the WX-CH-457. Our all-in-one headset brings clarity to wireless drive-thru solutions with leading digital noise cancellation. Equipped with a microphone, earphone, battery compartment, and control buttons, the 457 Panasonic headset includes built-in antennas, transmitter, and receiver, allowing staff to communicate clearly with other personnel and customers.

Customizable to your needs, choose the configuration that best suits your operation: all-in-one headsets, belt pack order takers with wired headsets, modules, speakers, and more. Get the features your restaurant needs, like a rugged headband and easy-to-use heavy-duty buttons built to last even the harshest environments with high-volume use. The system is designed with advanced technology specifically for the restaurant industry, so communication stays consistent, and orders stay accurate.

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Features of Panasonic Drive-Thru Headsets

Clear, Reliable, Uninterrupted Communications

Customer and staff communication is crucial in the fast-paced restaurant industry. The WX-CH-457 Panasonic drive-thru headset avoids noises from Wi-Fi, restaurant equipment, and phone frequencies, leaving you with maximum clarity. It’s simple, easy to use, and built to work seamlessly with your drive-thru operation.

Additional Features:

  • Durable while remaining lightweight and ergonomic
  • Operating temperature range from 32 degrees F to 104 degrees F
  • Digital noise cancellation
  • Created with order speed in mind
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Panasonic Headset Benefits

With most quick service restaurant sales handled at the drive-thru, clearer communication with the customer equates to profit—better communication results in higher order accuracy and throughput at the drive-thru. With the Panasonic headset, one mic listens to the surrounding noises, one for burst noises, and one listening to staff, ensuring you’ll receive the best voice clarity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Interference-Free Communications: Operates on DECT 6.0 – 1.9GHz band to avoid noises from Wi-Fi, restaurant equipment, and phone frequencies
  • Boost Efficiency: Unmatched sound clarity minimizes order errors, so employees don’t waste time remaking incorrect orders
  • Easy to Learn: Four simple buttons, talk, page, volume, and lane switch, make training a breeze
  • Pairs With Attune I and II Center Modules: Works seamlessly with current headsets, saving you money on your drive-thru investment
  • Backward Compatibility: Replaces the 455 model but is backward compatible, so you can mix and match models

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