Eye-Catching Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Upgrade your drive-thru and create a better customer experience with top-of-the-line outdoor menu boards. Our digital menu boards make managing your drive-thru operations easier when you can easily change menu options, upsell featured products, and advertise specials. Our eye-catching displays are sure to capture your customers’ attention and boost your curbside appeal. Built to withstand all weather conditions, our signs will stay in great condition year-round. Our digital menu boards easily integrate with point-of-sale software to display the order confirmation screen directly on your display screen, bringing ease and accuracy to your drive-thru operations. ERC is proud to partner with industry leaders to provide you with the best outdoor signage solutions available.

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Top-of-the-Line Features

1-3 Screen Display Options

Advertise your entire menu; our drive thru menu boards support up to three-piece displays side-by-side, with an additional back-to-back option.

Resistant to Elements

With a fully-enclosed, dust and water resistant-body, our digital menu boards can handle all weather conditions, boasting an IP56 outdoor rating.

Anti-Vandal Glass IK10

Keep your menus safe and in pristine condition with anti-vandal glass that is shatter resistant with 20-joule impact energy.

Brightness Sensor

Advanced brightness sensor featuring a 4000 NIT display make our digital signs easy-to-read in bright sunlight as well as at night.

Internal Thermostat

An internal thermostat ensures your signs stay functional through all four seasons with heating and cooling capabilities as needed.

Multi-Input Connection

With ethernet and cloud capabilities, effortlessly upload and update content to your digital menu boards as your offerings change.

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Eye-Catching Digital Menu Boards

Better Menu Management

Our goal is to make keeping your menu systems current as easy as possible. With remote management, edit your content from any computer, anywhere in the world. Simply log-on, make your changes, and watch them publish instantly. Is your menu unclear? Effortlessly coordinate changes to improve comprehension using software from your indoor system. You can also schedule content for different times of the day, month, or year and watch your changes update without touching a button.

Higher Profitability

With digital menu boards, you’ll save on design and printing costs as well as dodge non-compliance fees. With the ability to make changes in seconds, you can stay in compliance with FDA-mandated food labeling laws by including calories in the design of your menu display. The Howards Company design department can help you layout your menu and show you how to meet the requirements of new food labeling legislation.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also encourage more sales; 1 in 5 people make an unplanned purchase after seeing featured items on digital menu boards, with a 3% average increase in margin per transaction. By displaying stunning photos and videos, you can leverage your customers’ appetites. Incorporate an on-screen display to visually advertise your offerings while supplementing your traditional menu, or go all-digital with menu listings and colorful graphics– the Drive-Thru Flex Digital Menu Board lets you update at any time!

Eye-Catching Digital Menu Boards

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