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ERC Partners with Volumatic to Deliver Cash Management

ERC continues to advance the solutions it offers, by partnering with Volumatic, a global leader in cash handling solutions and cash counting machines. For decades, Volumatic has been delivering intelligent and innovative cash handling products that businesses can depend on. Their feature-rich cash management solutions implement cutting-edge technology to help restaurant owners quickly and efficiently manage cash revenue while protecting them from theft through advanced security features. From counting to validating, robust solutions from Volumatic help restaurant owners and operators save time and maximize efficiency, so they can devote more focus to their customers.

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Industry Leading Cash Management Products

End-to-End Cash Handling

Count Cash

Improve the efficiency and speed of your cash counting process, and ensure 100% accuracy with feature-rich cash counting and cash handling solutions.

Move Cash

Reduce the risk of theft and move cash through your business with the utmost safety and security through a range of rugged trolleys.

Protect Cash

Reduce your susceptibility to theft and attack by securely storing and depositing cash with easy, robust, and cost effective cash storage solutions.

Validate Cash

Protect your bottom line and eliminate counterfeit notes from your business with a comprehensive range of forgery detectors.

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Popular Cash Management Products from Volumatic


Eliminate counting errors and save time with one of the most intelligent cash handling solutions on the market. The CountEasy is compact and portable, so cash can be counted and recorded in less than 1 minute, no matter where you are, with 100% accuracy. CountEasy Connect software allows you to transfer data to cash spreadsheets automatically.

CountEasy IP

The lightweight, battery-operated integrated printer pairs with the CountEasy for the added ability for cashiers to print and sign every count, ensuring accountability and enhanced record-keeping.

CountEasy TS

With its intuitive user interface and high-resolution, full-color touch screen, you can effectively streamline any cash handling process and easily perform even the most complex functions.

CountEasy TS IP

For added security and accountability, the integrated printer effortlessly connects with the ground-breaking touchscreen technology of the CountEasy TS, providing users with full functionality and accuracy both digitally and in print.

CounterCache intelligent

Touch cash only once with CCI. Cash accepted by your till operator will not be touched again until it reaches the bank. Streamline your cash handling processes and reduce shrink.