Restaurant Back Office Software Solutions Let You Base Decisions on Facts

In today’s fast-paced restaurant industry, business analytics are crucial to running your business successfully. You can use data to solve problems, adjust pricing to increase profits, and to improve marketing by understanding your customers better. Data also shows progress towards your business goals and helps you evaluate your staff’s performance. ERC offers many options for restaurant back office software solutions, fully integrated with Focus POS, which will give you the insights you need.

above store reporting

Discover How Cloud Solutions Take Reporting to the Next Level!

Cloud-based reporting provides you the convenience, mobility, and flexibility you need.

Manage All Revenue Streams with an All-in-One Solution

ERC has established a Premier Partnership with to provide you with  visibility into sales, profits, and performance across your entire business. provides the advanced restaurant management capabilities omnichannel businesses need. Features include above-store reporting, inventory management, labor scheduling, and automated vendor management and payroll. In addition, you can log into from any device, giving you access to the data you need, whenever you need it, to make intelligent, data-based decisions.

Additional Features:

  • Create cost-effective labor schedules
  • Track inventory
  • Import vendor invoices prior to delivery and automatically update pricing
  • Eliminate waste with custom drop charts and prep sheets
  • Integrate your system with payroll and human resources
  • Import data to accounting and payroll with only a few clicks
above store reporting
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Reporting Made Easy With Focus POS Cloud Reporting

ERC partners with Focus POS to provide you an innovative back office software solution.