Cash Discounts Made Possible For Your Restaurant Customers

One of the most significant expenses a restaurant has is credit card processing fees. Restaurants can pay between 3-8% of their sales on monthly fees, but ERC has the solution: a cash discount program. By offering this program, you discount sales when customers pay with cash instead of by credit card.

Cash discounting can motivate customers to pay with cash. Our program helps you operate more profitably by passing fees to customers.

Cash Discount Program

Are you ready to reduce your credit card processing fees?

Cash Payment

A Simple Solution That Saves

Credit card processing fees can be challenging for restaurants with limited budgets and small profit margins. By offering a cash discount, you give the option for the customer to pay a discounted price, which reduces costs for both the owners and customers. The program is built into the point of sale system, and the results are significant savings for your restaurant:


Reduced Credit Card Processing Fees


Increased Cash Flow


Fewer Chargebacks


Increased Bottom Line Profitability

How Our Cash Discounting Program Works

A restaurant incurs a processing fee every time customers use their debit or credit cards to pay. However, you can help offset these costs by offering a cash discount program, saving customers money on their bills while helping your restaurant avoid expensive processing fees. Here’s how it works:

Price Adjustment

When the customer pays, their bill will include a line for a non-cash adjustment of 3.99%.

Discount Application

Your POS will automatically apply the discount to a cash payment, saving you money on fees.

Discount Promotion

The cash discount promotion must be appropriately displayed with in-house signage, noting customers who pay cash receive a discount.


Rates are programmed on terminals and ensure that the correct fee or discount is properly communicated on the customer receipt.

Starting a Cash Discount Program

Before implementing your cash discount program, signage that explains the program clearly must be presented on the front door and by the point of sale. In addition, ensure that you indicate a fee for a cash discount provided or a processing fee as a clear line item on the customer’s receipt.

paying with cash at table

How ERC is Helping Restaurants

We’ve built a strategy to help you hold onto more revenue by using a cash discount fee for customers paying with credit or debit cards. Our cash discount program offers you compliant equipment and software programmed to apply the service fee at the time of the customer’s checkout. If your customers choose to pay using a credit card, they pay the service fee and it shows on the receipt. However, those who pay with cash will see it waived, resulting in a cash discount.

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