Boost Your Drive-Thru Operation With an All-In-One PAR Headset

To keep drive-thru operations running smoothly, you need a durable communication system that provides superior sound quality and is easy to use. The PAR drive-thru headset system gives you a competitive edge, delivering a better experience for your customers while keeping your team connected. The all-in-one G5 headset has everything you need to boost your drive-thru operation. Start improving communication today and put your customers back in the driver’s seat.

With the unique modular design, you take service into your own hands. The enhanced mic array technology of the G5 model headset improves clarity and reduces background noise, allowing for seamless customer communication. Your drive-thru team will no longer have to worry about the interference of kitchen noise due to the enhanced digital sound quality and inbound volume amplification features. The lightweight headset is built with haptics technology, confirming car presence at the order point. In addition, the PAR headset has a built-in accelerometer, eliminating the hassle of finding buttons. Tap into your business’s full potential with the PAR drive-thru communications system that combines unmatched technology with rock-solid reliability.

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PAR Drive-Thru Headset Features

Modular G5 Par Headset System Minimizes Downtime

The PAR drive-thru headset gives you the quality and reliability needed to deliver the best possible drive-thru experience. From first-rate sound clarity to innovative technology, the G5 PAR headset has all the functionality your drive-thru operation needs, improving how you do business. This innovative design sets the new standard for drive-thru operations, minimizing downtime and saving you money. The latest G5 model includes modular headsets that come with an additional carrier so you can keep the orders coming in without interruption.

With the snap of a button, you can easily detach the control pod to conduct simple repairs in-store, saving you repair costs and eliminating the need for headsets to leave the store. In turn, you will lower the cost of ownership over the system’s life. In addition, its state-of-the-art, smaller footprint design takes up less wall space, with a single base accommodating two drive-thru lanes.

Additional Features:

  • Smarter sound with advanced noise reduction
  • Effortlessly upgrade from single to dual-lane on-site
  • Built-in greeter with up to 16 pre-recorded messages
  • Charge and store your headsets in one convenient location
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Modular G5 Par Headset System

Benefits of the PAR G5 Headset

Cohesive communication with team members is a vital aspect of operations. PAR drive-thru headsets allow you to easily set up color tags for team member identification, enabling you to communicate the right messages to the right team member with confidence. Indicator lights improve team performance by displaying colored lights that indicate vehicle presence, unoccupied space, and more.

Additional Benefits:

  • Easy-To-Use: Touch buttons and globally accepted icons require minimal training
  • Increase Comfort: Ergonomic, lightweight, and adjustable for a better fit
  • Boost Efficiency: Unrivaled sound clarity with reliability, so orders are never wrong

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