Integrating Third-Party Orders with Your POS Has Never Been Easier

A wide variety of restaurants, from quick service to fast casual and everything in between, are turning to the power of the internet to fulfill more orders. ItsaCheckmate helps your restaurant complete more orders with a 3rd party delivery integration that links right to your POS.

With the ItsaCheckmate system, after customers place their order through an online ordering platform, they get populated into your restaurant’s POS system under a delivery category and automatically added to the order queue. Not only can your restaurant save time, but can also reduce overall costs and increase your profit margin.

ItsaCheckmate Delivery Integration

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Integrate 3rd Party Orders Directly Into Your Focus POS

Key Advantages of ItsaCheckmate

Streamline the Restaurant Delivery Integration Process

Decrease Technology Costs

Reduces number of tablets needed in your restaurant, since employees now won’t need as many devices to input online orders.

Reduce Order Entry Errors

Customers place their own orders online with custom specifications, meaning there is less room for restaurant employee errors.

Decrease Restaurant Labor Costs

There is no need to hire delivery drivers for your restaurant since they will be employed by third-party organizations.

ItsaCheckmate from ERC Brings Value to your Restaurant


Your Best Delivery Integration Option

With ItsaCheckmate, your restaurant will gain all the benefits of offering a full delivery service without the need for in-house staff to complete the deliveries. Now your restaurant can rely on the power of the internet to bring in even more orders than ever before.

Flexible pricing means the software can be tailored to your operations, and 24/7 availability for transactional support also means that no matter what your restaurant hours may be there is always a team that is available to answer your questions.

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