Keep The Front End of Your Restaurant Running with Waitlist and Order-Ready Text Messages

Keep the traffic in your waiting room down with Waitlist and order-ready text messaging. Gone are the days of long paper lists and handing hockey puck-sized buzzers to your customers so they can wait in your restaurant’s sitting area. ERC partners with leading point of sale (POS) providers to bring you the latest in waiting room technology. Our Waitlist technology allows you to monitor customers’ wait times and send alerts to their cell phones when their table or order is ready.

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Restauranteurs Rely On Waitlist Benefits

Restaurants can leverage waitlist technology to smooth out the waiting process, eliminating the need to stand in a cramped waiting room and streamlining internal operations. There are many reasons restaurateurs enjoy Waitlist and text notification technology, including:

  • Easy POS integration
  • Provides a safe contactless communication method
  • Streamline operations from the moment guests walk in the door
  • Allows employees to focus on other items and be more productive
  • Manage capacity limits
Hostess welcoming in patrons
Cheerful young woman working from cafe, checking messages on her phone

Customers Enjoy Waitlist Convenience

Customers enjoy Waitlist and text message alerts because it incorporates convenience into their restaurant waiting experience. This convenient service gives customers the option to wait for their table where they wish, gone are the days of overcrowded waiting areas. There are several benefits to Order Ready Text Messages which include:

  • Providing safe contactless options
  • Convenience for consumers
  • Ability to wait in car or outside of the restaurant
  • Texting is quick and easy
  • Text messaging is non-intrusive
  • Provides a conversation feel to waiting
  • Easy for customers of all ages with phones

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ERC partners with only the best technology providers to keep your restaurant operations running, and customers satisfied.

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