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POS Training

ERC offers extensive training on your customized POS system. Each dedicated session provides you with the maximum amount of knowledge and hands-on experience needed to meet your operational and business needs. All of our training sessions are done using a Focus database built with your menu and specifications. By doing this, we can effectively integrate Focus into your everyday life and create a streamlined operation for you and your staff. With ERC, you will be able to increase your sales almost immediately by creating an environment with faster order processing, better Drive Thru operations and shorter lines. Your well-trained management staff will also be able to create an easy to learn in environment that reduces new hire training time.

Front-of-house -- We begin our POS training with your front-of-house staff, explaining the system’s functionality and  workflow from the perspective of the everyday user. Staff will be guided through entering items, collecting payments, voiding and everything in between. By utilizing your database, created for you by ERC. Your staff will better under stand the usage and benefits of the POS system. After this session, you can be assured your staff will have all the tools needed to operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Back-of-house -- After a thorough front-of-house session, we will move into back-of-house training directed towards managers and owners. In this session we walk you through menu maintenance, reporting, discounts, employee maintenance, editing time cards and all other functionality associated with your system.

Modules -- We can provide additional POS training for Focus modules that you may have added to your system such as customer, delivery, gift cards and loyalty. We will go in detail about each module for both your front-of-house and back-of-house staff. These sessions can be incorporated into the existing session or broken out separately. We want to make sure your team can effectively and reliably use these features in their daily workflow.

Ongoing -- Ongoing training for you and your staff can be provided through additional session either online, on-site at your location, or at the ERC home office. Our extensive manager's handbook, web training videos and quick guides give your team resources at their fingertips to be able to problem solve at the store level. We are dedicated to your success and part of that success is a well-educated team. ERC also offers refresher courses for you and your staff to come brush up on your Focus know-how when needed.

ERC strives to help you understand the full functionality and understand the potential of the hardware and software you are using to help manage your business. During these POS training sessions we encourage you to ask as many questions necessary. We want you to be able to effectively manage your business with the help of ERC and Focus.

"We have great results in maximizing profits as a result of the Focus back office software. The entire system is very user friendly and training on the system can be accomplished is just a few hours of your day."ᅠ  - Roy Lemelle President, CNR Foods , 10 Popeyes in Nashville TN Area

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