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ERC provides excellent hardware from the POS system to the drive-thru timers and headsets.  In addition, the CCTV system is one of the best in the market today.  The Focus POS software provides all types of information and is streamlined to fit our company’s needs.  The high degree of professionalism begins with the ordering process of the equipment.  The presentation and demonstration of the operations of the POS leaves no question unanswered.  The process is complete, concise and accurate and does not stop with the purchase of the equipment.  The installation processes was seamless with all equipment being properly installed with fit and finish always a top priority.  The installation was timely and the sites were completely cleaned at the end of the installation.  Training was scheduled to cater to our company’s needs with sessions being scheduled for both day and night shifts.  The trainer worked in an unassuming manner and spent the needed time with each person being trained. The Focus POS system is very simple to operate and most of the personnel being trained on the new system picked up the new registers in less than a half an hour with a complete understanding of the function of the system.  The Focus system provides real time data which is imperative in order to control cost during all segments of the day.  The Focus system provides biometric readers to ensure complete system security.

One of the most significant features of the Focus POS software is that there is no down time.  The reaction is immediate if there is a system glitch and the system remains operating throughout the correction time, by correction time I mean minutes not hours or days.  The ERC help desk is a very organized; extremely user friendly resource that does not require your management team remembers to possess a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

     In closing, I have been impressed with ERC and the Focus software since the first day they came to present the system to my company.  This is the first time in my 36 year career in the QSR industry that someone promised and delivered greatness!  I operate ten Popeye's restaurants in three different states.  POS dependability is essential to our success and ERC has given me a high degree of confidence that they can support me in achieving that success.

-Glenn J Jacob, Vice President, Pontchartrain Foods, Inc.

As a customer of ERC for 7 years, my quick service Mexican restaurant operated very well with hardware and software provided by ERC. ᅠInstallation went smoothly with no interruption in our business days, and the on site training was helpful and satisfactory. ᅠOngoing support was timely, with the 24/7 techs very helpful when needed. ᅠThe programmers were excellent too, quick to the task and very supportive, even for us non-tech people who are more worried about running our business. ᅠI would highly recommend this company to any of my friends and colleagues, ERC Parts is outstanding in their field.

ᅠ-Gary Gimbel, Owner / Operator, Taco John's of Marshalltown, Iowa

Our company has purchased 2 generations of POS equipment over the last 15 years for all 3 of our restaurants. ᅠWe are currently using SMP POS and we love it. It is easy to use and easy to train on. We have also purchased 2 generations of video surveillance equipment. Their equipment, service and staff are all dependable. ERC is really there for the customer. The phone support is prompt, knowledgeable and patient. They deliver what they promised. I hope to buy many more POS systems from this company.

-Dirk Doverspike, Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe, Girard Ohio

Freshens has been an ERC customer for over 2 years and operates multiple sites. We have  experienced excellent service and support from the 24 helpdesk whenever we need it. The Focus POS System has delivered all the Data we need from Dallas to Atlanta to effectively make business decisions. We do recommend ERC and Focus POS.

-Joe Sardina, Vice President of Operations Freshens Quality Brands

In 2004, we selected ERC Parts to serve our growing Bojangles' restaurant company's needs related to POS systems, drive-thru timers, and drive-thru communications systems. Though we are not yet a large franchisee, the ERC team has served our needs with professionalism, expedience, and friendliness. We consider ERC Parts to be a real partner that is committed to helping us do the most important thing: serving our customers with excellence. I wholeheartedly endorse ERC Parts to my friends in the hospitality business. -Matthew Kirby, President, Trickum Ops LLC, Bojangles' franchisee

ERC has for the past 5 and a half years been our 1 source stop for POS Systems, Back office software and custom sales and profit reporting.ᅠ The ERC team has always been very professional, effective, and urgent when dealing with our needs.ᅠ We currently rely on ERC for all new Hardware as well as part replacement and repairs.ᅠ His team responds immediately to any issue that may arise in day to day operations of quick service restaurants. WE have great results in maximizing profits as a result of the Focus back office software. The entire system is very user friendly and training on the system can be accomplished is just a few hours of your day.ᅠ We are extremely happy with the savings we have accomplished as a result of the custom reporting.ᅠ Our order accuracy has improved as well as our maintenance cost .ᅠ WE are completely satisfied with ERC.

-Roy Lemelle President, CNR Foods , 10 Popeyes in Nashville TN Area

ERC installed our POS Systems flawlessly days prior to our opening on Sept. 23, 2009. ᅠAll systems were tested and operated seamlessly from the get go. ᅠAny time we encountered problems, ERC was just a phone call away and the after hours service is phenomenal because ERC personnel is just 100% responsive ensuring that our business flows smoothly and with the least interruption. ᅠWe also receive education from the ERC technician when we encounter problems where we learn preventive measures to avoid problems with our system. ᅠAbove all, each ERC technician treats us not just as a business entity but as partners for growth!!!-

-Michael Tan, Gandolfo's New York Deli, Bellingham, WA

We are a Wendy's Franchise Group with ten locations.  We have been an ERC customer for almost 20 years. We have been very pleased with the service we have received over the years.  Currently, our restaurants are using Panasonic Stingrays with Focus POS Software.  Employees are able to learn to operate them quickly.  One of the biggest advantages with Focus is that there is no down time.  This can be a huge problem if you cannot accept credit cards.  ERC's staff has always gone above and beyond.  They are very professional and helpful.  Their service and support are outstanding.

ERC is the best!!

- Jim Patton Owner, Wen Choo Choo, Inc.

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