ERC Partners with QSR Automations to Deliver Kitchen Display Systems

QSR Automations Kitchen Management Solutions

ERC has taken a step forward, entering into a partnership with a leading manufacturer of smart kitchen management solutions for the last two decades. QSR Automations specializes in reliable, intuitive software, rugged hardware, and customized kitchen display system solutions. From orders and guest management to back office inventory and kitchen automations, they produce solutions that help restaurants improve their performance and achieve success.

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QSR Automations Kitchen Management
Software Solutions

Software for Every Restaurant Niche and Size

No matter what type of restaurant you run, we provide solutions from QSR Automations that can help streamline your workflows and improve your operations. Whether you need line-busting capabilities for your quick service restaurant, reservation management and kitchen automations for your fine dining establishment, or multi-unit restaurant technology capable of integrating with existing solutions, we provide the solutions perfectly tailored to fit your needs.


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QSR Restaurant Management Hardware Solutions

QSR Automations Kitchen Management Hardware Solutions

xceed controller

Reliable kitchen display controllers are integral to any successful restaurant. Controllers need to keep up with fast paces and high volumes for successful kitchen automation. We provide a wide variety of rugged controllers with extensive configurable options, built to last in even the harshest kitchen temperatures. No matter what size and style of restaurant you run, kitchen display controllers from QSR Automations are durable and flexible to withstand any kitchen environment and meet any restaurant’s needs.

Kitchen Display Systems

QSR Automation Bump bars are built to perform in harsh conditions and operate reliably in restaurants of all sizes and styles. We provide a wide array of bump bars to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a wireless model that runs reliably for long periods of time, touch pad bump bars to replace touch screen monitors, or programmable keys and the ability to be mounted on any surface. These devices provide top-notch functionality and performance.


We offer flexible and durable kitchen monitor mounting from QSR Automations. These mounts are VESA-compliant and include the features and functionality your business requires. With these durable mounts, you can keep your hardware safe and secure, whether you need table, wall, or ceiling mounted monitors. In addition, we ensure you never have to deal with a mess of cables, or flimsy brackets. All of QSR’s hardware and mounting options work cohesively to create the perfect solution for any restaurant.

Kitchen Armor

Kitchen Armor restaurant touch screens are sleek, lightweight monitors designed to have superior functionality as well as style. These robust monitors come with stainless steel enclosures, for the ultimate protection from high-temperature kitchen environments. Available in three different sizes, the intuitive touch screen monitors are capable of performing in kitchens of all sizes, and can suit a variety of needs.