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Today’s Restaurant Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

Your customers expect the ability to use any type of payment, whether credit card, EMV chip card, debit card, contactless payment, or mobile wallet. ERC can provide you with payment processing solutions that allow you to offer your customers that convenience, efficiently and securely. Our restaurant credit card payment processing solutions seamlessly integrate with your Focus POS system for maximum efficiency — and optimum customer experiences at the checkout.

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EMV Chip Card Terminals

More Secure Card-Present Transactions

Fight fraudulent credit card charges and avoid costly chargebacks by upgrading to and EMV-compliant payment processing solution. The chip in an EMV card creates a unique transaction code that can’t be used again, making the card nearly impossible to counterfeit. In addition to more secure card-present transactions, there’s another important reason to upgrade. Since the liability shift in October 2015, merchants that don’t have EMV-compliant technology may be responsible to pay the amount of fraudulent transactions and fines. Upgrading to EMV allows you to protect your customers’ accounts and your profits.

In addition, many EMV payment processing solutions also include near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables you to accept contactless payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

payment processing

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payment processing

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Take advantage of our years of experience providing restaurant point of sale (POS) solutions to find the most effective, secure and cost-effective payment processing solution for your business. We’re happy to help you evaluate your options and provide advice that will benefit your business and your bottom line.