ERC Project Overviewl


Project Overview

The Implementation of a new POS system shouldn't cause a major disruption in your workflow. ERC's team of experts offers a 10-step, extensive POS implementation process to ensure that your restaurant's installation, deployment and training go smoothly.

1.  Kick-off meeting -- In the kick-off meeting, ERC will introduce you to your project manager, who will guide you through every step of the POS installation process to ensure your restaurant is ready for training and system imple¬mentation.

2.  Site survey -- The site survey will help the project manager get an idea of the placement for your new system and any components that will be associated with your POS system. As part of the survey, he or she will discuss all electrical and network wiring requirements with you.

3. Menu programming -- Menu programming is an important part of your POS installation. Our program manager will discuss with you and your team your site specific needs to create a customized database for your menu. From menu items to modifiers, each screen will be unique to your business and workflow.

4. Database review -- Once the menu has been programmed, we will review your database. Again, we will go over your desired workflow to ensure maximum efficiency. We also allow you remote access to your system to test database prior to installation.

5.  Menu maintenance training -- With all of your menu items and modifiers now in place, ERC’s Programmer will go over the basic functions of your menu. We will teach you to add new items, change prices and create entire menu screens. This will ensure that moving forward you have the tools to keep your menu up-to-date.

6.  Manager training -- For managers, ERC provides extensive training on all functionality of their new POS System. From the basic front-of-house workflow to any back-of-house functions they may need to access.

7.  Site inspection -- A POS installation technician from ERC will perform your site inspection. To ensure safety and a smooth installation, we make sure all wiring is installed and tested, any designated countertops are properly secured with holes drilled for wiring and the environment is as dust-free as possible.

8.  Installation -- Our friendly installation team will arrive on-site with all of the necessary equipment and tools needed for your system. After a final walkthrough, the installation process will begin. Each technician is extensively trained not only with the hardware and software we provide, but also on each individual restaurant’s workflow. This knowl¬edge assists them in determining the final placement for your hardware and gets your business functioning with Focus as quickly as possible.

9.  Staff training -- We cover all the system’s functionality and workflow from the perspective of the everyday end-user.  Your staff will be guided through the processes of entering items, collecting payments, voiding orders and everything in between. We ensure that they have the tools they need to handle their daily operations.

10. Go-live and on-site support -- ERC understands that transitioning to a new POS system can be a stressful experience, but we are here to provide you with quality service you can depend on. After your POS installation, we offer on-site support to assist with your daily operations and take care of any system modifications needed to improve your workflow. Our goal is to reduce stress so that you are able to focus on the more important things, like your customers and their overall restaurant experience.

"We are more than pleased to write a testimonial to the fantastic service ERC provides for our business!" - Michael Tan, Gandolfo's New York Deli, Bellingham, WA

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